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6 July 2024, Saturday
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29 June 2024, Saturday

Gößeck (2214m)

The symbol of Gaishorn

Album  Gößeck 2024


The Alpine ibex (Capra ibex), is a species of goat that lives in the Alps of Europe. I have been seeing a lot of them since we moved to live in Gaishorn, a village in Styria, which has the chosen the Alpine ibex for a name and symbol for a good reason.


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14 June 2024, Friday
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7 June 2024, Friday


Kremlin, Red Square, Moscow


Album  Moscow 2024

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29 May 2024, Wednesday

The symbol of Gaishorn

Today the symbol of Gaishorn was erected right under my window so naturally Tumbago set off to ride it. But it wasn't easy, he kept tipping over until this handsome neighbor showed up with a roll of tape. And this is how I met Pablo, his pub is across the street from where I live. Check out Pablos's Pub.

The symbol of Gaishorn



Album  Gaishorn 2024

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20 May 2024, Monday

Großer Bösenstein

There is always a place in my ♥ for new friends and new adventures, best served in the mountains.
Luis, Alvaro, Alfredo, Teddy, Juri, and gorgeous Siberian Husky Fee, we call her Feche.

Luis, Alvaro, Alfredo, Teddy, Juri, and Fe

Großer Bösenstein


Album  Großer Bösenstein 2024

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9 May 2024, Thursday


Friesach is the oldest town of Carinthia in Austria.


The bears with the lovely Kilian


Album  Friesach 2024

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12 April 2024, Friday
10 March 2024, Sunday


Göss Abbey

Hibernation is over. Teddy Little Bear had to lose the beard.


Göss Abbey

Trip to Leoben, where Gösser beer was invented in a nunnery founded in 1004.


Leo­ben coat of arms
Leo­ben coat of arms

Leoben has had its coat of arms bearing the ostrich since the Middle Ages. The heraldic bird carries one horseshoe in its beak and one in its claw. According to medieval legends, the ostrich was an animal capable of eating and digesting iron. As the town of Leoben is popular for its mining, it was decided they could feed the bird with horseshoes. They wanted the message to be strong but since the anvil is not an easily recognizable shape, for a better understanding of its meaning and significance, the bird was attributed with two horseshoes to portray its delight of eating iron horseshoes. They are not even turned right for luck, horseshoes are supposed to be hanged with their ends pointing upward to act as a storage container for any good luck that happens to be floating by, whereas to hang it with the ends pointing down is bad luck because all the good luck will fall out. It's weird because the locals have had horses since the beginning of time, and they have only heard of ostriches and their ability to digest iron.

Album  Leoben 2024

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26 February 2024, Monday
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16 February 2024, Friday

Mödlinger Hütte

Mödlinger Hütte

The weird peak in the back is Admonter Reichenstein 2251m - Wildscharte 1903m - Totenköpfl 2184 m


Album  Mödlinger Hütte, February 2024

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