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28 November 2018, Wednesday


This puppy (Airbus A380-800) has 3 cameras - nose, tail and bottom and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in flight. No entertainment needed. The two photos are from the tail.

Teddy Land: A380-800

Teddy Land: A380-800 tail camera
Teddy Land: A380-800 tail camera

Album  Airborne

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22 November 2018, Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving

Teddy Land: Happy Thanksgiving

We got us a turkey.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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17 November 2018, Saturday

Greetings from Atacama desert

Teddy Land: Atacama desert

Meanwhile in Atacama desert

photo send by Alexander Sivkov

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16 November 2018, Friday
3 November 2018, Saturday

Sergio Zanni

Teddy Land: Sergio Zanni

Sergio Zanni. Somebody has to go to work in this house.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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