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26 December 2018, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Dürrenschöberl

– I am stuck.
– Tumbago, look into the camera

Teddy Land: Dürrenschöberl

Album  Dürrenschöberl 2018

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28 November 2018, Wednesday


This puppy (Airbus A380-800) has 3 cameras - nose, tail and bottom and it was the most amazing thing I have ever seen in flight. No entertainment needed. The two photos are from the tail.

Teddy Land: A380-800

Teddy Land: A380-800 tail camera
Teddy Land: A380-800 tail camera

Album  Airborne

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22 November 2018, Thursday

Happy Thanksgiving

Teddy Land: Happy Thanksgiving

We got us a turkey.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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17 November 2018, Saturday

Greetings from Atacama desert

Teddy Land: Atacama desert

Meanwhile in Atacama desert

photo send by Alexander Sivkov

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16 November 2018, Friday
3 November 2018, Saturday

Sergio Zanni

Teddy Land: Sergio Zanni

Sergio Zanni. Somebody has to go to work in this house.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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31 October 2018, Wednesday

Luck Be A Lady

Teddy Land: Tumbago on parole

Tumbago is on a parole and TLB is his parole officer.

Teddy Land: Tumbago on parole

Choosing the mode of transportation.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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Happy Halloween!

Teddy Land: Special PoliceFreeze, Special Police!
Teddy Land: Lt. Teddy Little Bear with the big gunsLt. Teddy Little Bear with the big guns

Teddy Land: Tumbago mugshot

Tumbago mugshot

Delta offered me to check the hand luggage and since I had 8 hours to kill in Amsterdam - I agreed. This was a precedent for TLB to travel in the cargo. Unfortunately the cargo was honey. Not after we arrived in Vegas it wasn't. Tumbago was pulled from the airplane under the influence and disorderly.

Teddy Land: Tumbago Jailbear

Tumbago Jailbear

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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30 October 2018, Tuesday

Range 702

Teddy Land: The Range 702

First time shooting in my life. I am natural.
I wonder what else that I haven't tried I could be good at.

Teddy Land: The Range 702
Teddy Land: The Range 702

Album  Las Vegas 2018
Great people @ The Range 702

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26 October 2018, Friday

Fun and joy around the pool

Teddy Land: The pool in the backyard

Back together with our friends around the pool.

Album  Las Vegas 2018

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24 October 2018, Wednesday

Delta via KLM

Teddy Land: Flying KLM
It's a new day, and the begging of a new adventure.

Delta offered me to check the hand luggage and since I had 8 hours to kill in Amsterdam - I agreed. This was a precedent for TLB to travel in the cargo. He is outraged. I am sure I will be hearing from the legal team.

Album  Airborne

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23 October 2018, Tuesday
22 October 2018, Monday

It's my birthday!

Teddy Land: My Birthday

Today is my birthday. Not los peluches, but mine. Life has never been better!

Pay no attention to that (wo)man behind the curtain!

Album  Pilgramgasse

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19 October 2018, Friday
12 October 2018, Friday

The bridge

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10 October 2018, Wednesday

Coffee after October

Teddy Land: Coffee after October

Darn it, I know better than to have a cup of coffee after October. ~ by Dave Coverly

More  Bear Cartoons

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3 October 2018, Wednesday

Canada surgeon operates on teddy bear for 8-year-old boy

Teddy Land: GDr McNeely operating on a Teddy Bear
Teddy Land: Dr McNeely operating on a Teddy Bear

Canadian neurosurgeon Dr Daniel McNeely operating on Little Baby bear

Teddy Land: Canadian neurosurgeon Dr Daniel McNeely Dr Daniel McNeely

A Canadian surgeon has performed a daring experimental procedure without anesthetic - on a teddy bear. Although he had no prior experience with stuffed-bear medicine, Dr Daniel McNeely agreed to operate at the request of the cuddly toy's owner. Jackson McKie, eight, was heading into surgery when he asked the doctor if he could also fix his bear Little Baby. Jackson has a brain condition, and Dr McNeely has been one of his primary neurosurgeons since birth. "How could I say no?" Dr McNeely tweeted along with pictures of the bear operation. The tweet has since been shared almost 13,000 times.

He diagnosed the toy with a tear in the underarm, and gave the bear an "oxygen mask" during the procedure. Little Baby - who is always at Jackson's side - was able to grin and bear it. Both patients are recovering after successful procedures. Jackson suffers from hydrocephalus, an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Dr McNeely, who works at IWK Health Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, was repairing a shunt. The small tube helps drain the fluid from Jackson's brain and release pressure.

Source: BBC

Teddy Land: Jackson McKie, 8, at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax
Teddy Land: Little Baby, the teddy bear, is also attached to the pulse monitor

Jackson McKie reunited with his beloved Little Baby bear after the surgery at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax

Jackson McKie, 8, of Summerside asked his pediatric neurosurgeon to repair his ailing bear. A Halifax pediatric neurosurgeon had his skills put to the test when a young patient asked him to take on a double surgery and repair his ripped teddy bear. Jackson McKie, 8, of Summerside, P.E.I., was having a shunt repaired last week at the IWK Health Centre in Halifax. He brought his trusty friend, Little Baby, along for the journey. "It's his best buddy," said his father, Rick McKie. The bear was given to the family when they went to get an ultrasound to find out the sex of their baby.

"When he was born, he had it ever since with him. Through thick or thin." But the inseparable duo were both under the weather. Jackson, who has hydrocephalus, was suffering from bad headaches. Little Baby was diagnosed with a tear of the underarm. As the pair went into the operating room, Jackson made the surprise request. His surgeon, Dr. Daniel McNeely, happily obliged.

"There's always a few stitches that are left over from the case itself and they normally get disposed of," said the physician, who got to work on Little Baby as soon as Jackson was stitched up, making sure to give the bear "oxygen" and monitor his vitals.

McNeely says kids often bring stuffed animals into the operating room for comfort, but the request for the dual operation was a first.Despite his lack of experience with bear cubs, McNeely said he "wasn't too worried" about having the appropriate qualifications. He happily reported both procedures were successful.

When Jackson woke up, he was over the moon, said his father. "He was so proud. He had Little Baby laying up in the hospital bed with him and everything." McKie said he was amazed and thankful that the surgeon went out of his way to grant Jackson's request. "It made us feel better about being there."

McNeely decided to post the photos, the first time the surgeon has ever tweeted. The reaction has been contagious, with people overwhelmed by his act of kindness. "It's not what I was looking for," McNeely said of his newfound fame. "I just thought I might make some people smile somewhere."

The McKie family has printed off photos of the second surgery, so Jackson now has framed copies. His father said Jackson's on the mend but has some emotional moments. As for Little Baby's recovery: "He's coming around. According to Jackson, he's a little moody, too."

Source: CBC


I can relate with my ordeal in Sulawesi 2012

Full album  Sulawesi, Indonesia 2012

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Our first snow bivouac

Teddy Land: Our first snow bivouac

Wanderung in die Prossau

Album  Ali Lanti biwak

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1 October 2018, Monday

El Virtuoso

Teddy Land: El Virtuoso

Coldn't turn the page of the calendar in Rottenmann without adding El Virtuoso to our collection of great bears. He was the September gig ♥ BTW oso is bear in Spanish.

Album  Teddy Bears United

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30 September 2018, Sunday
27 September 2018, Thursday

Mountain gear

Teddy Land: Mountain gear

Wondering how to reduce the gear...

Album  Pilgramgasse

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25 September 2018, Tuesday

Happy 7th Birthday Tumbago

Today is Tumbago's 7th and Juri's 50th birthdays. Friday was the last sunny day in Vienna for the season, so a flash mob birthday event spontaneously happened in AKH Vienna courtyard - friends with birthdays around this date celebrating. Pepa made a cake. Evgeni gave Tumbago Cohiba cigarillos.

The birthday girl and boys are Petya (40), Tumbago (7), Emo (43) and Juri (50), Tumbago and Juri being born the closest to the date.

Juri got new socks, shoes and a walker, so he can continue carrying us around the world.

I wanted to bundle this with an adult diaper, but Juri objected that this is adding to the weight of the backpack and besides since India 2017 he had been shitting his pants and the bears are used to it.

Teddy Land: Tumbago passport

Tumbago passport

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24 September 2018, Monday

Behind the mask

Teddy Land: Behind the mask in Buildings with secrets

This is me. No more no less.

Album  Buildings with secrets

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19 September 2018, Wednesday

Fabien Barrau - Bear Creek

Teddy Land: Bear Creek by Fabien Barrau

Before humans arrive and come to destroy nature, legend has it that the bears gathered at the top of the hill to elect their leader who was always a female. ~ Fabien Barrau

Album  Bears in Art

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18 September 2018, Tuesday

What do you call ...

Teddy Land: What do you call a bear with no ears?

Teddy Land: What do you call a bee that comes from America?

From the collection  Bear Cartoons

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13 September 2018, Thursday

Tumbago's Grandpa

Teddy Land: Tumbago's Grandpa

Tumbago found an old photo of his Grandpa.

Teddy Land: Tumbago's Grandpa

Apparently he is from the Gund genus.

Album  Pilgramgasse

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Replenishing the inventory

Teddy Land: Tumbago shopping list

Tumbago's shopping list

Teddy Land: Replenish the inventory

This will do for now, but don't close that tab yet.

Album  Pilgramgasse

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30 August 2018, Thursday

Comfort Inn

Teddy Land: Comfort Inn title=

Comfort Inn. Now Pet Friendly! Except for Bears. We are not making that mistake again.

From our collection  Buildings with Secrets

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16 August 2018, Thursday

Bärndorf (Gemeinde Rottenmann)

Teddy Land: Bärndorf

Bärndorf means Bear village. Teddy Bear in German is Teddy Bär, now how cool is that. I feel more at home with every passing day.

This is different Berndorf but we find the coat or arms rather awesome - a bear with a spoon!

Teddy Land: Krupp-Stadt Berndorf logo

Teddy Land: Krupp-Stadt Berndorf coat of arms

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Teddy Land: Gesäuse

Traverse from Admont to Bärndorf

Album  Gesäuse

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13 August 2018, Monday

My first European ultra peak

Teddy Land: Grimming

Grimming 2351 m

Album  Grimming

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9 August 2018, Thursday

Dreistecken 2382 m

Teddy Land: Dreistecken

Almost Gone with the Wind
Tumbago (aka Dzibelia) is thinking "Should I stay or should I go..."

Album  Rottenmann

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7 August 2018, Tuesday

The Teddy Bears roam the Alps

Teddy Land: Zinkenkogel

We heard that there are no bears in the Alps and we thought that's a shame, so we moved in to roam the Alps.

Album  Rottenmann

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1 August 2018, Wednesday

Insect hotel

Teddy land: Insect hotel

From our collection  Buildings with Secrets

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Burg Strechau

Teddy Land: Burg Strechau

I will slide to catch some shadow here...
Burg Strechau

Album  Rottenmann

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28 July 2018, Saturday

House in Reidner

Teddy land: House in Reidner

From our collection  Buildings with Secrets

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Seekoppe 2150 m

Teddy Land: Seekoppe

Seekoppe 2150 m

Album  Rottenmann

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27 July 2018, Friday

Nazogl 2058 m

Teddy Land: Nazogl

Nazogl 2058 m

Album  Rottenmann

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22 July 2018, Sunday

Winky bear


This Winky Bear is entirely made with CSS by Anastasia Goodwin

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18 July 2018, Wednesday

Hochhaide 2363 m

Teddy Land: Hochhaide

Dzibelia is chained around his neck so he doesn't get blown away.
Behind the bears is a memorial plaque to all mountaineers that fell in the mountain (didn't chain properly like us).

Teddy Land: Hochhaide memorial plaque

Unseren gefallenen
zum Gedenken

In memory of
our fallen
mountaineer friends

Album  Rottenmann

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16 July 2018, Monday


Teddy Land: Rottenmann

We just moved one step closer to the mountains.

Album  Rottenmann

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15 July 2018, Sunday


Teddy Land: Moving to Rottenmann, Styria, Austria

We bought us a house in Rottenmann.
A healthy colony of bats is indicative of a well balanced ecosystem in the Alps.
We have been warned not to leave the windows open at night.


Teddy Land: Rottenmann old painting 1679
I found the text under the picture in German and used Google to translate. It said that the villagers got hammered and tried to torch the city on 4th of July 1679, gracefully intervened by the deities. I asked Juri if we are moving intentionally in sanctuary of drunks. Juri said that Google translates LIGHTENING like HAMMERING.

Rottenmann is a town in Styria in Austria, near the Rottenmanner Tauern. Rottenmann was first referred to in an document in 927. It received its town charter in 1279 from King Rudolf von Habsburg.

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14 July 2018, Saturday

14 July 2012

Teddy Land: 14 July 2012

I almost died in Sulawesi, Indonesia, when I was 2.

Album  Sulawesi 2012


Teddy Land: The boy who cried No Brakes - Gary Larson
The boy who cried "no brakes"


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The perfect gift

Teddy Land: My 7th Birthday

Hope no one else got you a mauled carcass

Album  My favorite Bear cartoons

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It's my Birthday

Teddy Land: It's my Birthday

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8 July 2018, Sunday

Cute grizzly

Teddy land: Cute grizzly

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7 July 2018, Saturday

Bear attack tips

Teddy Land: Bear attack tips


Teddy Land: Bear attack tips


Teddy Land: Bear attack tips

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3 July 2018, Tuesday

Warning sign

Teddy Land: Warning sign parachuting bears

Caution Parachuting Bears

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20 June 2018, Wednesday

Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

Teddy Land: Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

German price for online communication in the category "Multichannel communication"

Album  Teddy Bears United

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15 May 2018, Tuesday

Just the thing

Teddy Land: Ted with bong

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12 April 2018, Thursday

Mushroom picker

Teddy Land: Picking mushrooms in the fox

Picking mushrooms in the fox

Album  My favorite Bear cartoons

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1 March 2018, Thursday

Happy Baba Marta!

Teddy Land: Schladminger Tauern, Austrian Central Alps

Album  Schladminger Tauern 2015


Teddy Land: Happy Baba Marta!


Teddy Land: Nikolas aka Baba Marta
Baba Marta (Nikolas) came in Vienna this yearagain! It's a tradition to have him bring us gifts for March 1st.


Teddy Land: Nikolas aka Baba Marta
This year he brought us Poire Williams - the brandy that grows on trees.

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24 February 2018, Saturday

Riding the road

Teddy Land: Refugio de Siscaro

It is my namesake today. It is custom to ride a horse. Dzibelia is not very sure about this...
Here we are in Refugio de Siscaro in the Pyrenees in 2013

Album  Trans Pyrenees 2013


Teddy Land: Martoli, Uttarakhand, India

Riding a bull in Martoli, Uttarakhand, India

Album  India, The Himalayas 2017


Teddy Land: Mudh, Pin valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Riding a baby yak in Mudh, Pin valley, Himachal Pradesh, India

Album  India, The Himalayas 2017


Teddy Land: Cuispes, Chachapoyas, Peru

Riding a turkey in Cuispes, Chachapoyas, Peru

Album  South America 2014


Teddy Land: Schladminger Tauern, Austrian Central Alps

Riding a cow in Schladminger Tauern, Austrian Central Alps

Album  Schladminger Tauern 2015


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21 February 2018, Wednesday

It's not spring yet

Teddy Land: It's not spring yet

It's not not spring yet. I just need to go to the toilet.

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5 February 2018, Monday

Snowdrops in February

Teddy Land: Snowdrops by Anton Donchev

Snowdrops in February, ohoto by Anton Donchev

Teddy Land: Sergey Elkin - Bears in March

Bears are getting busy early this year ~ Cartoon by Sergey Elkin

More  Bear Cartoons

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2 February 2018, Friday


59 years since Dyatlov Pass Incident

On this date we are commemorating the life and mysterious death of 9 hikers in the Urals mountains 59 years ago.
Read more the most infamous cold case that took place in the mountains.

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18 January 2018, Thursday


Teddy Land: Airborne

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking

Album  Airborne

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In transit

Teddy Land: Time to go home

Time to go home...

Photo is from album  Corsica 2015

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16 January 2018, Tuesday


Teddy Land: The prototype for Geoffrey Gersten Beekeper

The prototype for Geoffrey Gersten Beekeper

Album  Vegas 2018

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15 January 2018, Monday

Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop

Teddy land: Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop

Trek to Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons near Lake Mead. We scrambled up the Sheepbone canyon and rapped down the Quarry canyon. The trail was marked with sheep bones - surprise, surprise! Best Martin Luther King's day!

Album  Sheepbone Canyon

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14 January 2018, Sunday

Black Bear Diner

Teddy Land: Black Bear Diner

A bear gotta eat

Album  Black Bear Diner

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13 January 2018, Saturday

Fish food night

Teddy Land: Fish food night

... with black silverware

Album  Vegas 2018

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5 January 2018, Friday

Dancing with rocks

Teddy Land: Red Rock Canyon

More photos in album  Red Rock Canyon

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4 January 2018, Thursday

Bears Night Out

Teddy Land: Bears Night Out

More photos in album  Vegas 2018

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1 January 2018, Monday

Terrace Canyon

Teddy land: Terrace Canyon

Good bye 2017. What a glorious 2018!

Album  Terrace Canyon

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