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26 May 2013, Sunday

Time to ride the Goose

Teddy Land: Time to ride the Goose

More photos from Schönbrunn

Published at 14:32
25 May 2013, Saturday

Piano concerto for four paws

Teddy Land: Piano concerto for four paws

Bearlioz and Beartolt Brecht on the piano

Published at 07:37
23 May 2013, Thursday
17 May 2013, Friday

Kinder Surprise

Teddy Kand: Kinder Surprise

I thought toys inside chocolate eggs are made of chocolate.

Published at 07:35
3 May 2013, Friday

Instant honey

Teddy Land: Instant honey

I thought it's an instant honey. It doesn't taste like honey. This is a deceit.

Published at 14:58


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