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13 August 2013, Tuesday

That's where we are going next - 35 days traverse in the Pyrenees

PYRENEES     25 AUG - 28 SEP 2013

We are going to start from Bilbao and end in Barcelona. The thinking is that we will get ahead of the cold air that might come from the Atlantic Ocean. We will be going towards the Mediterranean. The rout is very loose, we will improvise on a daily basis and enjoy the mountain immensely. The dates are when we will be in the wild. Before the trek we will visit friends in Santander and go into some caves. After the trip we will spend time in Barcelona to celebrate freedom in general terms.

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12 August 2013, Monday

Flying Austrian

Teddy Land: Flying Austrian

Tumbago is your pilot. I will be serving refreshments on this flight. I need a drink.

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7 August 2013, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Veronica

Remember how we met with Dzibelia? We found Veronica again, selling toys. She makes me feel brave. Her name means "victory" and she has a victorious life, full of love, compassion and excitement.
We will always care for her, and know that she follows our adventures.

Our visit was a surprise. I will never forget the look she gave me, it's a moment when one is unprepared, and you can see through the bottom of their heart, and what I found was so much warmth and affection, that I am not even sure Veronica is aware of the strength she has inside her. She doesn't have 20 years of age.

BTW - we had a serious business to discuss with Veronica - the DOB of Dzibelia. She will think about it and let me know. Because I don't want to always share my Birthday with him. We want to have two separate cakes to share with each other.

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6 August 2013, Tuesday

You Gonna Eat That?

Teddy Land: You Gonna Eat That?

You Gonna Eat That?

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