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19 February 2013, Tuesday

The Day I Met Teddy

Elke Schmölzer - The Day I Met Teddy

the day i met teddy for the first time

cosy home february outside
after a few glimpses of spring
cold winter is back

following my hardly pushing inner voice
to take a walk to gloriette
i finally try a first step out of the house
leaving doggy in bed
he is like me
not yet
full recovered

i enjoy the fresh air
yet i am glad to wear glasses
and a soft hood
my eyes and head
feel fragile

first i give it a slow going start
yet while arriving at schönbrunn
and walking through the gate
i already feel much better
i enjoy the walk
taking deep breaths
of nature
fresh air for the mind

i like those statues
and figures of stone
that you come to meet
like stations
they are telling stories

and if you lend them your ear
turn out to be
gifts from above

this day after about ten minutes of walking
i come to see a woman nearby
arranging two little teddybears
on a stonefigure and taking pictures of them

this could be me
is my first thought
and i stop by to say hello
hello to teddy

she told me her story
and i told her mine
showing ears we share a lot
i am really happy coincidenced :-)

i know that
meeting teddy
on this special day
was a turning point for me
and i thank god
and the universe

after weeks of deep depression
going through a dark night of soul
which does not come once a year but
once in five to seven years

my inspiration is back
and next comes spring

i feel alive again
and i love it
joy is back

the first moves
are on their way

Elke Schmölzer (Sonne)

Published at 17:32
17 February 2013, Sunday

What's your problem, woman?

Teddy Land: What's your problem woman?

Photoshoot "What's your problem woman?"

Published at 16:14
13 February 2013, Wednesday

Valentine's Day

Teddy Land: Valentine's Day by Vincent (~Vinn-bonzai) from Netherlands

Published at 19:17
8 February 2013, Friday

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”
― Voltaire

Published at 12:36
7 February 2013, Thursday


Teddy Land: Gummy Bear anatomy

I was told to start eating gummy bears because they are made of gelatin obtained from animal by-products (bones, hoofs, horns). Freaky. That makes me a... cannibal!

Published at 11:23
4 February 2013, Monday

On the operation table

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear on the operation table

Tomorrow is my operation at Herz-Jesu Krankenhaus. They will remove an implant from my elbow put there in Kuala Lumpur. The implant is showing over the skin and I look like Robocop.

Published at 11:37
2 February 2013, Saturday

The Bubbly Bubble Bath

Teddy-land Bath with Teddy Bears

Getting ready for the postoperative snuggle. The first three photos are how I imagined my bath will be. Then comes the reality check. Not so bad sharing a laundry bucket with your closest oversized friend, and then be suspended from a closet hanger for a day. Now I smell of roses - so humiliating for a Little Bear in the middle of a hibernating season. But I have to go to a hospital soon. One implant from Kuala Lumpur has broken through the skin and needs to be removed. Hope this is not going to compromise the construction I have inside my elbow.

Photoshoot "The Bubbly Bubble Bath"

Published at 17:18
1 February 2013, Friday

Teddy Little Bear chilling out

Teddy Little Bear chilling out sunday morning

More photos from "Pilgramgasse"

Published at 12:51


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