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30 March 2016, Wednesday
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Orso in the forest

Teddy Land: Orso in the forest

Animated by Chiara Dattola, sent to us by our good friend Carole Ferguson.

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29 March 2016, Tuesday


Teddy Land: Rudolf-Schober-Hütte

Photos from Rudolf-Schober-Hütte

The Mountain of sun, joy and light.
In the valley of the fog, lies the wife and her plight.
Celia S. Friedman

A writing in the hut quotes Celia S. Friedman book "Valley of Fog". In German Tal der Nebel

Am Berg die Sonne, die Freud und das Licht.
Im Tal der Nebel, das Weib und die Pflicht.
translated by Ronald M. Hahn

Планината е слънце, радост и светлина.
В долината са мъглата, жената и тъпота.
мой превод

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19 March 2016, Saturday

Happy Teddy's Name Day

Teddy Land: Cossacks' Monument in Kahlenberg

We always honor the courage of the Cossack (Battle for Vienna 1683, Leopoldsberg, Vienna)

Teddy Land: Beehives

We stay here till the honey is ready.

More photos

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7 March 2016, Monday
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1 March 2016, Tuesday

The Silence of the Bears

Teddy Land: The Silence of the Bears

Our guest today is young Anthony Hopkins look alike so we name the photo "The Silence of the Bears"

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