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25 December 2013, Wednesday
Published at 18:39
22 December 2013, Sunday

In front of the fireplace

Teddy Land: In front of the fireplace

warm, gold tongues aglow
crackling, hissing, simple sounds
spirits soar like smoke
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Published at 19:18
15 December 2013, Sunday

Vesela Ogneva

Vesela Ogneva (Vesi) is a very special person. Fighting Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is tough, finding the friends to take you in the mountain on a wheelchair is tougher. She is raising the money to go to a special clinic in India where she stands the chance to walk again. She is a fighter, she is light, she is all smiles. We love her!

Please PayPal to vesi_og@abv.bg or go to helpvesi.com and use the donate button and help her stand up on her feet again. What goes around comes around!

Teddy Land: Cveti Genovska, Rumi Pisancheva, Vesi Ogneva and Teodora Hadjiyska

Teddy Land: Dancho Serafimov and Vesi Ogneva

Published at 15:35
26 November 2013, Tuesday
Published at 11:22

I wonder if it's too late to eat my young?

Teddy Land: I wonder if it's too late to eat my young?

My fav Bear cartoons

Published at 11:06
21 November 2013, Thursday

Gone with the Wine

Teddy Land: Doug Pike, Gone with the wind, I finally remembered - red with hunter, white with fisherman.

My fav Bear cartoons

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Published at 13:36
15 November 2013, Friday

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

This question and answers are brought to us by The Oatmeal.

Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants
Why Grizzly Bears Should Wear Underpants

This question and answers are brought to us by The Oatmeal.

My fav Bear cartoons

Published at 10:45
10 November 2013, Sunday

What's the worst that could happen?

Teddy Land: What's the worst that could happen?

My fav Bear cartoons

Published at 10:32
5 November 2013, Tuesday

Dangerous Minds

Teddy Land: Dangerous minds

The planning has begun.

Published at 13:04
1 November 2013, Friday

I've got big balls

Teddy Land: I've got big balls

Published at 14:26

Time to go on a diet

Teddy Land: Time to go on a diet

More photos from Schönbrunn

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Published at 14:08
26 October 2013, Saturday

Bad neighbourhood

Teddy Land: Bad neighbourhood

Published at 17:29
22 October 2013, Tuesday

Dude, where's my car?

Teddy Land: Dude, where's my car?

Published at 16:45

Wiener Staatsoper

Teddy Land: Vienna State Opera backdoor

What goes in the head comes out from the ears - at the Vienna State Opera.

Published at 11:50

A bubbly morning

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Published at 09:00

The cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Published at 08:18

Greeting from the Sweetie Pie

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday from the Sweetie Pie

Published at 08:16

Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Greeting card from Bob "The Bear" Hite of Canned Heat

Published at 21:59
21 October 2013, Monday

Surprise Birthday Cake in the make

Making a surprise birthday cake for a dear friend who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.

Teddy Land: Making cake while she's asleep

Teddy Land: Making cake while she's asleep

Published at 20:46
4 October 2013, Friday

The Bears Are Back In Town

So many times did I want to defect from the tourism to become a true mountain bear but I came back to the city, only to be sent to the dry cleaners.

Published at 14:11
3 October 2013, Thursday

Trans Pyrenees 2013

Teddy Land: Trans Pyrenees 2013 Pic du Midi d'Ossau

Photos from the trip

Day 0 25 Aug Azpegi, Spain
Day 1 26 Aug Refugio de Azpegi, Spain
Day 2 27 Aug Barn, Spain
Day 3 28 Aug Les Chalets d'Iraty, France
Day 4 29 Aug House on the road, Spain
Day 5 30 Aug Refugio de Belagua, Spain
Day 6 31 Aug Lescun, camping, France
Day 7 1 Sep Lescun, camping, France
Day 8 2 Sep Pont de Trungas, France
Day 9 3 Sep Refuge de Pombie, France
Day 10 4 Sep Refuge d'Aarremoulit, France
Day 11 5 Sep Cabane d'Doumblas, France
Day 12 6 Sep Refuge de Wallon, France
Day 13 7 Sep Pierrefitte Nestalas, France
Day 14 8 Sep Gavarnie, France
Day 15 9 Sep Cabane des Aguilous, France
Day 16 10 Sep Near Parzan, Spain
Day 17 11 Sep Puyarueso, Spain
Day 18 12 Sep Camping Exelia, Spain
Day 19 13 Sep Refugio Conangles, Spain
Day 20 14 Sep Restanca, Spain
Day 21 15 Sep Salardu, Spain
Day 22 16 Sep Salardu, Spain
Day 23 17 Sep Refugi Gracia Airoto, Spain
Day 24 18 Sep Sierra de Pilas, Spain
Day 25 19 Sep Pletu Palomera, Spain
Day 26 20 Sep Certascan, Spain
Day 27 21 Sep Bacello, Spain
Day 28 22 Sep Coma Pedrosa, Andorra
Day 29 23 Sep Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Day 30 24 Sep Cabana de l'Eucasser, Andorra
Day 31 25 Sep Refugi del Siscaro, Spain
Day 32 26 Sep Porte, camping, France
Day 33 27 Sep Cabane de Rouzet, France
Day 34 28 Sep Puigcerda, Spain
Day 35 29 Sep Barcelona, Spain


Published at 11:05
13 August 2013, Tuesday

That's where we are going next - 35 days traverse in the Pyrenees

PYRENEES     25 AUG - 28 SEP 2013

We are going to start from Bilbao and end in Barcelona. The thinking is that we will get ahead of the cold air that might come from the Atlantic Ocean. We will be going towards the Mediterranean. The rout is very loose, we will improvise on a daily basis and enjoy the mountain immensely. The dates are when we will be in the wild. Before the trek we will visit friends in Santander and go into some caves. After the trip we will spend time in Barcelona to celebrate freedom in general terms.

View Teddy Little Bear's route in the Pyrenees in a larger map

Published at 15:01
12 August 2013, Monday

Flying Austrian

Teddy Land: Flying Austrian

Tumbago is your pilot. I will be serving refreshments on this flight. I need a drink.

Published at 09:24
7 August 2013, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Veronica

Remember how we met with Dzibelia? We found Veronica again, selling toys. She makes me feel brave. Her name means "victory" and she has a victorious life, full of love, compassion and excitement.
We will always care for her, and know that she follows our adventures.

Our visit was a surprise. I will never forget the look she gave me, it's a moment when one is unprepared, and you can see through the bottom of their heart, and what I found was so much warmth and affection, that I am not even sure Veronica is aware of the strength she has inside her. She doesn't have 20 years of age.

BTW - we had a serious business to discuss with Veronica - the DOB of Dzibelia. She will think about it and let me know. Because I don't want to always share my Birthday with him. We want to have two separate cakes to share with each other.

Published at 15:52
6 August 2013, Tuesday

You Gonna Eat That?

Teddy Land: You Gonna Eat That?

You Gonna Eat That?

Published at 18:43
30 July 2013, Tuesday
Published at 13:20
27 July 2013, Saturday

Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Angelinka treated us with chocolates for her Birthday. She and her best friend and husband Ilko love to travel
the world. Special places are for special events, and God is in charge to bring strangers together.
Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Published at 18:43
21 July 2013, Sunday

If you wanna drink it, you gotta make it!

Teddy Land: At the still

More photos from Gyusovo and Bulgaria

Published at 17:30
18 July 2013, Thursday

Sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Sweet tooth

Published at 15:23
15 July 2013, Monday

Greeting card from Jim

Published at 18:24
14 July 2013, Sunday

Happy Birthday to me

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday 3

Today is my birthday. If it is true that the next year will be same as the day of your anniversary, then let's say -
I will lose my way a lot and not worry about it, but enjoy the places I reach instead.

Published at 17:00
12 July 2013, Friday

Hike in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Teddy land: camp fire at Smilyo shelter, Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria

More photos from Vitosha mountain

Published at 14:51
11 July 2013, Thursday

Teddy Little Bear Joins Fresh Anti-Govt Protest in Sofia

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear Joins Fresh Anti-Govt Protest in Sofia

Published at 11:52
8 July 2013, Monday

20 lb have never been so sweet

Teddy land: Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

The day of the reality check. It looks good, it feels good, but will it let me continue be a backpacker, or I will have to turn into a dude with a suitcase? And.... hurray! I can hike with a 20 lb backpack. Good enough for me, I am a Little Teddy Bear. 20 lb of honey can take me a long way. I give you all a hearty smack!

More photos

Published at 13:30
25 June 2013, Tuesday

Honey, I'm home

Teddy Land: Jim Beam infused with real honey

Fine print says "Jim Beam infused with real honey"

Published at 15:36
5 June 2013, Wednesday

Learning to swim

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear and Dzibelia learning to swim

It's raining cats and dogs for many days now. Must learn to swim.
They made us wear caps, as if we have a hairline, really.

Published at 11:52
3 June 2013, Monday

Fat Bear and Little Bear constellations

Teddy Land: Fat Bear and Little Bear constellations

The Big Dipper and the Little Dipper are full of honey.
This is why they are part of the Fat Bear and the Little Bear constellations.

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26 May 2013, Sunday

Time to ride the Goose

Teddy Land: Time to ride the Goose

More photos from Schönbrunn

Published at 14:32
25 May 2013, Saturday

Piano concerto for four paws

Teddy Land: Piano concerto for four paws

Bearlioz and Beartolt Brecht on the piano

Published at 07:37
23 May 2013, Thursday
17 May 2013, Friday

Kinder Surprise

Teddy Kand: Kinder Surprise

I thought toys inside chocolate eggs are made of chocolate.

Published at 07:35
3 May 2013, Friday

Instant honey

Teddy Land: Instant honey

I thought it's an instant honey. It doesn't taste like honey. This is a deceit.

Published at 14:58
30 April 2013, Tuesday


Teddy Land: Mödling

The Bears are up and roaming for honey in the outskirts of Vienna.

Photos from Austria 2013

Published at 21:53
28 April 2013, Sunday

Palm Sunday

Teddy-land: Palm Sunday

Published at 21:42
26 April 2013, Friday

Honey thieves

Teddy land: honey thieves

The notorious honey thief "Sticky fingers" and his accomplice were captured in the act of stealing a honey comb.
Due to some misunderstanding "Sticky fingers" first stole a hair comb which he tried to use to hide his identity.

Published at 16:08

Spring in Vienna

Teddy land: Spring in Vienna

Photos from Austria 2013

Published at 15:43
23 March 2013, Saturday

St Theodore's Day

Teddy land: St Theodore's Day

All the people (and animals) with names Theodor(a) and variations celebrate today.

More photos from album "Pilgramgasse"

Published at 07:42
5 March 2013, Tuesday

Fart police

Teddy-land: fart police

Dzibelia puts on a helmet and patrols as Fart police when there's a suspicion that Teddy Little Bear had some gassy food.

More Fart police photos

Published at 07:31
19 February 2013, Tuesday

The Day I Met Teddy

Elke Schmölzer - The Day I Met Teddy

the day i met teddy for the first time

cosy home february outside
after a few glimpses of spring
cold winter is back

following my hardly pushing inner voice
to take a walk to gloriette
i finally try a first step out of the house
leaving doggy in bed
he is like me
not yet
full recovered

i enjoy the fresh air
yet i am glad to wear glasses
and a soft hood
my eyes and head
feel fragile

first i give it a slow going start
yet while arriving at schönbrunn
and walking through the gate
i already feel much better
i enjoy the walk
taking deep breaths
of nature
fresh air for the mind

i like those statues
and figures of stone
that you come to meet
like stations
they are telling stories

and if you lend them your ear
turn out to be
gifts from above

this day after about ten minutes of walking
i come to see a woman nearby
arranging two little teddybears
on a stonefigure and taking pictures of them

this could be me
is my first thought
and i stop by to say hello
hello to teddy

she told me her story
and i told her mine
showing ears we share a lot
i am really happy coincidenced :-)

i know that
meeting teddy
on this special day
was a turning point for me
and i thank god
and the universe

after weeks of deep depression
going through a dark night of soul
which does not come once a year but
once in five to seven years

my inspiration is back
and next comes spring

i feel alive again
and i love it
joy is back

the first moves
are on their way

Elke Schmölzer (Sonne)

Published at 17:32
17 February 2013, Sunday

What's your problem, woman?

Teddy Land: What's your problem woman?

Photoshoot "What's your problem woman?"

Published at 16:14
13 February 2013, Wednesday

Valentine's Day

Teddy Land: Valentine's Day by Vincent (~Vinn-bonzai) from Netherlands

Published at 19:17
8 February 2013, Friday

“The art of medicine consists of amusing the patient while nature cures the disease.”
― Voltaire

Published at 12:36
7 February 2013, Thursday


Teddy Land: Gummy Bear anatomy

I was told to start eating gummy bears because they are made of gelatin obtained from animal by-products (bones, hoofs, horns). Freaky. That makes me a... cannibal!

Published at 11:23
4 February 2013, Monday

On the operation table

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear on the operation table

Tomorrow is my operation at Herz-Jesu Krankenhaus. They will remove an implant from my elbow put there in Kuala Lumpur. The implant is showing over the skin and I look like Robocop.

Published at 11:37
2 February 2013, Saturday

The Bubbly Bubble Bath

Teddy-land Bath with Teddy Bears

Getting ready for the postoperative snuggle. The first three photos are how I imagined my bath will be. Then comes the reality check. Not so bad sharing a laundry bucket with your closest oversized friend, and then be suspended from a closet hanger for a day. Now I smell of roses - so humiliating for a Little Bear in the middle of a hibernating season. But I have to go to a hospital soon. One implant from Kuala Lumpur has broken through the skin and needs to be removed. Hope this is not going to compromise the construction I have inside my elbow.

Photoshoot "The Bubbly Bubble Bath"

Published at 17:18
1 February 2013, Friday

Teddy Little Bear chilling out

Teddy Little Bear chilling out sunday morning

More photos from "Pilgramgasse"

Published at 12:51
27 January 2013, Sunday

Teddy Bears in Art

Dream Sentinel by the Greek artist Begemott

Who's fighting the monsters when you fall asleep?

Starting collection Teddy Bears in Art

Published at 11:10
22 January 2013, Tuesday

Snow Teddy Bear - tribute to my friend Dzibelia (El Gordo), Tumbago Bear by passport

Teddy Land: Snow Teddy Bear
Teddy Land: Snow Teddy Bear
Published at 17:28
8 January 2013, Tuesday

Misery's Bear Guide to Love & Heartbreak

Misery Bear's Guide to Love & Heartbreak
Misery Bear My Tie cocktail

"Misery's Bear Guide to Love & Heartbreak" on Amazon

Published at 19:07
1 January 2013, Tuesday

My New Year's resolution

Teddy Land: Land Rover Defender logo

Land Rover Defender advertising, and a tag line to go with it - Go beyond.

This image captured my imagination with its simplicity and meaning. But the longer I stare into it the more reasons I find to like it. There is only one country in this collage of visas that I have been to, République Française (France), and that's my greatest experience so far, climbing Mont Blanc. I am really looking forward to explore the rest: Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Côte d'Ivoire (or Ivory Coast), Suriname, maybe more that I can't make out. So this is not a one-year resolution. This is how my life should pick up in 2013.

Published at 18:44


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