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28 June 2014, Saturday

Heading to Roraima

Heading to Roraima tomorrow with nothing otganized in advance. Will improvise as usual and cover most of the distances on foot.

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26 June 2014, Thursday

Betti and John

Teddy Land: Betti and John infront of their Burt machine

Betti (Hungary) and John (Britain) in front of their Burt machine

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Kaieteur falls

Teddy Land: Parrot Toda grooming Teddy Little Bear in Mahdia, Guyana

Parrot Toda in Mahdia did some affectionate grooming on Teddy Little Bear

Parrot Toda

Teddy Land: Juri carrying the boat with Johhny (Soldier) up Amatuk falls

Juri carrying the boat with Johhny (Soldier) up Amatuk falls

Teddy Land: Kaieteur falls

Kaieteur falls

Teddy Land: James in Kaieteur Guesthouse

James (Minnesota, USA) will spend 2 months on Kaieteur plateau (tapui) researching the endemic golden frog.

Photo album from South America 2014

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17 June 2014, Tuesday

Kaieteur Falls via Mahdia

We are now heading to Kaieteur Falls after we have been told in the National Park office in Georgetown that we can't make it because of this and that, and more. First stop Mahdia, a city of poachers, gold-miners and prostitutes. Kaieteur Falls is four times higher than the Niagara Falls.

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16 June 2014, Monday

Max De Bowen

Teddy Land: Max De Bowen

Max De Bowen, filmmaker (IMDB) from Australia whose grandfather is from Bulgaria. Small world.

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Georgetown, Guyana

Teddy Land: Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana is a travel back in time. First impression of Georgetown is open sewer, deafening loud music coming from every car, lots of honking, and some exquisite 19th century wooden buildings. Not understanding the language proved to be dangerous. While I was trying to find the best perspective to make a picture of a dilapidated building occupied by homeless degenerates one of them started talking to me. Out of politeness I approached him to start a conversion. After repeating something 3 times he made a gesture that finally conveyed the message that if I make the picture he will shoot me. I circled the block for 2 days and finally made the picture from far away after Juri made the obvious comment that I have a death wish. Yesterday we went to the waterfront at 5 pm and saw the normal and beautiful people of Guyana, strolling babies, holding hands, dancing capoeira, and just being normal. The fact that we eat with the fishermen, sleep in dangerous areas, and roam the streets meets us with some of the mutants that does not represent the country. But normal people don't walk the streets. They leave their houses and go to their jobs, shops and schools in cars, so we hardly get to meet them.

Photo album from South America 2014

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Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Teddy Land: Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a rastafarian country of reggae, big boobs (even the currency is called tities, well that and because the abbreviation of the country is T&T) and English that can be understood or spoken only with the administration of a joint.

Photo album from South America 2014

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10 June 2014, Tuesday

Good morning Tobago

Teddy Land: Good morning Tobago

Good morning Tobago

Teddy Land: The early bird recycler

The early bird recycler

Photo album from South America 2014

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9 June 2014, Monday


Teddy Land: Frankfurt, Germany

Must eat before we head to the jungle...

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8 June 2014, Sunday

Condor Flight 1258

Teddy Land: Domenic Bahmann Airplane

Condor Flight 1258 on June 9, 2014 Frankfurt FRA 11:40 AM - Tobago TAB 3:30 PM

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7 June 2014, Saturday

Ted from Rhode Island, US

Teddy Land: Ted from Rhode Island

Ted invited us to visit him in Rhode Island, US. We have to do something about it.

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