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31 May 2012, Thursday

What do I know about Sulawesi

Teddy Land: Toraja Sulawesi SelatanToraja tribe populates the high mountain.
Teddy Land: Cliff graves at Lemo, SulawesiTheir dead live nearby.
Teddy Land: Megalith Lore Lindu, SulawesiMegaliths seem to be having good time.
Teddy Land: Sulawesi exclusive beachesBeautiful pristine white-sand beaches to die for.
Teddy Land: Lokon volcano status erupting

Mount Lokon last eruption is April 23 2012 at 10:20 pm local time. Previous big eruption is on August 17 2011. The volcano has been unstable for a long time and it's current official status is erupting. The authorities have set a NO-GO radius of 2.5 km around the volcano.

Teddy Land: Sulawesi map

With a landscape that is affected so dramatically by volcanic eruption, only the most adaptable of the species can survive, leading to a number of fantastic and unusual creatures being found only on the islands of Sulawesi.

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30 May 2012, Wednesday

Every day above ground is a good day

Teddt Little Bear: everyday above the ground is a good day

My ancestors used to sleep in caves. I usually get fleas in caves. I am going to experiment with hammock this time.

Shug is fun... but he will convert you right away.

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29 May 2012, Tuesday

Bear on the loose

Teddy Little Bear: you need a passport to travel

You need passport to get in the plane. Airplane travel is nature's way of making you look like your passport photo. Ok, I don't like flying. If it was something I should like I would have been born with feathers, not fur.

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28 May 2012, Monday

Some have blogs, and some haven't, and there it is

Teddy Land: making me a site

For my next journey I decided to keep a blog. I leave tomorrow for Sulawesi, Indonesia for 2 moths. I have 1 day to make me a site.

You are seeing the result as we speak.

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27 May 2012, Sunday

I am a bear of very little brain, and long words bother me

Teddy Land: I like fruits and to go places

My name is Teddy Little Bear, I go by Teddy Bear. Friends call me just Teddy.

I like fruits and to go places. Where there are fruits. Other places too, where it's cold and white.

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