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25 December 2021, Saturday

Xmas Tree Bear

Teddy land: Xmas Tree Bear

Times are hard. I am making the fatty sit in a pot and hold the star. Merry Xmas to everyone!

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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Santa was here

Teddy land: Merry Xmas 2021!

Apparently the bears have become muses for Santa - Simon Lawton!

Album  Pilgramgasse

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22 December 2021, Wednesday


Teddy land: Police

Xmas mood in Vienna

Album  Vienna 2021

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18 December 2021, Saturday


Teddy land: Gaishorn


Album  Gaishorn 2021

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16 December 2021, Thursday

Airfield in Triben

Teddy land: Airfield in Triben


Album  Gaishorn 2021

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14 December 2021, Tuesday


Teddy land: Gaishorn

New beginning

Album  Gaishorn 2021

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7 December 2021, Tuesday


Teddy land: Ryanair FR183

Sofia (SOF) - Vienna (VIE)

Album  Airborne

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5 December 2021, Sunday

Humanist with a touch of misanthropy

Humanist with a touch of misanthropy

Of course I am a humanist
but a little bit of a misanthrope.

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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3 December 2021, Friday

Visiting Polya and Kesten

Teddy Land: Visiting Polya and Kesten

The duck from the upper floor is joining the party in and the penguin is getting comfy.

Teddy Land: Visiting Polya and Kesten

Album  Bulgaria 2021

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2 December 2021, Thursday


Teddy Land: Bansko

Album  Bulgaria 2021

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30 November 2021, Tuesday

Chuck Ingwersen

Teddy Land: Bear probing by Chuck Ingwersen

The aliens soon would learn that the fur-covered Earthling isn't cool with being probed.

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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25 November 2021, Thursday

Makedonia hut

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17 November 2021, Wednesday
29 October 2021, Friday

A flight to remember

My "1079" book signing trip ended with Flight 1079.
Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso were quite surprised by the coincidence and very excited to receive signed copies of the book.

Flight 1079

Flight 1079 boarding pass signed

The design I'm wearing on Flight 1079 is purchased for a party with a Russian theme, ie drink Vodka till you drop dead, nothing to do with the book. I didn't mean to immortalize it, it's my only thirst, I don't even have a jacket. When I left to Vegas it was scorching summer. I didn't expect to be in the frame but to ask a flight attendant to give the books to the pilots. They called me to the cockpit and said that I am the star!

Teddy Land: Russian bear tshirt

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

My personal record for longest flight - 42 hours, including but not limited to 16h Doha-LA and 14h layover in Doha.
Las Vegas- Los Angeles - Doha - Bucharest - Sofia
The contortion was needed due to the ban to touch down in Schengen at the time when the ticket was purchased. The ban is now lifted.

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

The mother of all bears

The mother of all bears

Bears go to work

Bears go to work early in the morning

Album  Flight 1079

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22 October 2021, Friday

Happy Birthday Teddy

Happy Birthday Teddy

Happy Birthday Teddy

Happy Birthday Teddy

Album  Vegas 2021

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16 October 2021, Saturday

Inspiring rising stars

Katholische Kirche Leopold auf dem Leopoldsberg

Album  Vienna 2019

Daub by Simon Lawton

Daub by Simon Lawton. The star is my mom.

"A dear friend loves her Teddies, and asked me for a Daub of a Bear in the Woods at night, with the Moon and a Star. So I did this as she is a special Girl, don't worry, will be doing a real Bear too."

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14 October 2021, Thursday


Teddy Land: Francys Arsentiev burial

Francys “Fran” Arsentiev aka The Sleeping Beauty of Everest

Died May 24, 1998 (aged 40) on Mount Everest, Tibet (Xizang) Region, China

First U.S. woman to climb Mount Everest without help of oxygen; died on the descent at 7800 m (25,590 ft)

Her husband Sergey Arsentiev fell to his death trying to help his wife

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6 October 2021, Wednesday

Other Mama

Other Mama

Our Vegas support team @ Other Mama where Shin is a sushi chef.

The Bears: "Where is the food? Do you see any food?"

Album  Vegas 2021

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5 October 2021, Tuesday

Desert Sportsmans Rifle Club

Teddy Land: Desert Sportsmans Rifle Club

A storm is coming

Album  Desert Sportsmans Rifle Club 2021

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3 October 2021, Sunday


Teddy Land: Canyon trail

Canyon trail, Humboldt Toiyabe National Forest

Teddy Land: Avalanche Control Explosives

Non-Detonated Explosives › Do Not Touch › Good To Know!

Album  Canyon trail 2021


Russian soldiers create avalanche by firing artillery - this is how you do it.

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21 September 2021, Tuesday

Los Angeles

Teddy Land: Los Angeles

Roof top view from The Hoxton DTLA

Album  Los Angeles 2021

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12 September 2021, Sunday

Griffith Peak

Teddy Land: Griffith Peak

Little, but FIERCE

Album  Griffith Peak 2021

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4 September 2021, Saturday

Grizzly Made in USA

Grizzly Made in USA

Album  Vegas 2021

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1 September 2021, Wednesday

Morning Vegas style

Morning Vegas style

Coffee can only work up to a point...

Morning Vegas style

Album  Vegas 2021

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29 August 2021, Sunday

Mt. Charleston & Mary Jane

Teddy Land: Mt. Charleston & Mary Jane

Album  Mt. Charleston & Mary Jane 2021

Cathedral Rock - Nevada by Thomas Dwyer

Cathedral Rock - Nevada by Thomas Dwyer

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27 August 2021, Friday

Surfing the shark at dawn

Teddy land: Qatar 0741

Flying 15 hours from Doha(DOH), Hamad International Airport → Los Angeles (LAX), Los Angeles International Airport

Album  Airborne

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30 July 2021, Friday


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15 July 2021, Thursday

Hug me, I am vaccinated!

Teddy Land: Hug me I am vaccinated


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28 June 2021, Monday

Video killed the radio star(s)

Teddy Land: Bulgarian National Radio

Bulgarian National Rdaio program Hristo Botev, host Ivana Murdjeva guest Teodora Hadjiyska

Album  Bulgarian National Rdaio

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29 April 2021, Thursday
24 April 2021, Saturday

Grundlsee church with weathercock

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

Album  Bad Aussee 2021

Churches with weathervanes on top can be traced back to 50BC in Ancient Greece in the Athenian "Tower of the Winds". The reason why they were mostly placed on churches in particular, was purely practical. Since churches were usually main landmarks in a community, weather vanes were placed on their top so people could easily know the direction of the wind. The addition of the rooster came during the 9th century though. Pope Nicholas I, ordered that every church in Europe should have a rooster on its steeple as a reminder of Jesus’ prophecy that the cock would not crow the morning until Peter denounced Him three times. Since in most churches the steeples had already a wind vane, the highest point to place the rooster was at the top of the weather vane.

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Bad Aussee

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

Album  Bad Aussee 2021

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

Teddy Land: Bad Aussee

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23 April 2021, Friday


Teddy Land: Hahnstein

Album  Hahnstein 2021

Teddy Land: Hahnstein

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

Teddy Land: Hahnstein

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

Teddy Land: Hahnstein

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

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21 April 2021, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Bosruck

Album  Bosruck 2021

Teddy Land: Bosruck

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

Teddy Land: Bosruck

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

Teddy Land: Bosruck

Larger panorama    ›››    Huge panorama

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16 April 2021, Friday

Snow rollers

Teddy Land: On the way to Zeiritkampel

Teddy Land: Snow rollers

If we hadn't been lost we wouldn't have found the snow rollers (Wikipedia)
Album  Snow rollers 2021

Teddy Land: On the way to Zeiritkampel

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11 April 2021, Sunday
9 April 2021, Friday
6 April 2021, Tuesday

Teddy Land: St. Gall and the Bear

St. Gall and the Bear

An Irish monk on a mission
saunters through Swiss forest,
when a bear charges him, fur bristles,
nostrils large and dark, the holy man
does not clench in fear, slowly
extends his hand, chunk of bread
in his palm, offers it to those
long-clawed paws which take it eagerly
into hungry jaws and lumbers off.

The bear returns that evening,
wood piled high in his brown arms
to build the monk a fire.
Together they sit for hours,
listen to night’s music,
count stars as they appear,
bask in warmth of embers
and new friendship.

When the great bear of your life
charges toward you, nourish it
with the bread of your kindness.
When it comes carrying kindling,
sit down together, see what is sparked
and what shapes dance in the flame.

© 2019 Christine Valters Paintner

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St. Gall and the Bear

Teddy Land: St. Gall and the Bear

Legend has it that as St Gall was traveling in the woods of what is now Switzerland he was sitting one evening warming his hands at a fire. A bear emerged from the woods and charged. The holy man rebuked the bear, so awed by his presence it stopped its attack and slunk off to the trees. There it gathered firewood before returning to share the heat of the fire with St Gall. The legend says that for the rest of his days St Gall was followed around by his companion the bear. Wikipedia

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4 April 2021, Sunday
1 April 2021, Thursday

Grosser Schober

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29 March 2021, Monday


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27 March 2021, Saturday

Polar bears chillin'

Teddy-land: Polar bears chillin

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26 March 2021, Friday


Teddy Land: Pürgg

Album  Pürgg 2021

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2 March 2021, Tuesday


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