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Currently in Gaishorn, Austria


30 June 2019, Sunday


Teddy Land: Almspitz

Look ma, no trail. This is how we beat the crowd.

Album  Almspitz 2019

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26 June 2019, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Hallstatt

Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village.

Album  Hallstatt 2019

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25 June 2019, Tuesday

Stein am Mandl

Teddy Land: Hallstatt

Stein am Mandl (2043m), translation - Little man from stone (or Little stoned man?)

Album  Stein am Mandl 2019

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14 June 2019, Friday

Crisis de Octubre

Teddy Land: Crisis de Octubre, Cuba

Who is behind the wheel?

Album  Crisis de Octubre

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7 June 2019, Friday

Cuba 2019

Teddy Land: Cuba 2019

The equivalent of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles located in front of Hotel Nacional

Album  Cuba 2019

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