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24 November 2017, Friday

Living in the ghetto

Teddy Land: My 7th Birthday

Shit Bitch You Is Fine

Teddy Bears United

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20 November 2017, Monday

The two Teddies who started it all

Teddy land: The two Teddies who started it all - Theodore Roosevelt and the first Teddy Bear

The two Teddies who started it all - Theodore Roosevelt and the first Teddy Bear

From the collection  Teddy Bears United

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Teddy Bears and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them

Teddy land: Teddy Bears and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them

Sort of Cute, Sort of Creepy Teddy Bears and the Grown-Ups Who Love Them

Nobel Peace Prize winner, Medal of Honor recipient, New York City police commissioner, America's youngest president, Mount Rushmore visage, Dakota cowboy, trust-buster – Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt, Jr., packed so much living into his 60 years on earth that the phrase "larger than life" sometimes seems to have been coined expressly for him.

But it's as the man who inspired a fluffy bedtime toy that Roosevelt left one of his most enduring legacies. On a hunting trip in 1902 (so the story goes) the young president refused to shoot a black bear – a refusal somewhat at odds with the man's well-earned reputation as a hunter who killed countless birds and beasts, without compunction, for decades. At any rate, a toymaker in New York learned of T.R.'s merciful moment and, inspired, created a toy bear – a "teddy bear." (Roosevelt, incidentally, always despised the name Teddy.) The bear was an immediate hit, and for the past century has remained one of the tried and true emblems of childhood.

In December 1970, LIFE featured a number of adults who, long years after their childhoods had ended, still retained a fondness for the fluffy companions of their youth. The resulting photos by Nina Leen are somehow sweet and, at the same time, just a little bit unsettling.

Time | Life magazine

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12 November 2017, Sunday

Bummer Bear

Teddy Land: Bummer Bear

Bummer Bears - They feel your pain

New addition to our album  Teddy Bears United

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11 November 2017, Saturday

May The Forest Be With You

Brand spanking new Guestbook!

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8 November 2017, Wednesday

Gary Larson

Teddy land: Gary Larson learning bears language

Professor Wainwright's painstaking field research to decode the language of bears comes to a sudden and horrific end.

More  Bear Cartoons

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5 November 2017, Sunday

Großes Wolfstal Rax

Teddy Land: Das Ottohaus auf der Rax

The last sunny day of 2017

Album  Großes Wolfstal Rax 2017

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2 November 2017, Thursday


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