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30 July 2013, Tuesday
Published at 13:20
27 July 2013, Saturday

Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Angelinka treated us with chocolates for her Birthday. She and her best friend and husband Ilko love to travel
the world. Special places are for special events, and God is in charge to bring strangers together.
Happy Birthday Angelinka!

Published at 18:43
21 July 2013, Sunday

If you wanna drink it, you gotta make it!

Teddy Land: At the still

More photos from Gyusovo and Bulgaria

Published at 17:30
18 July 2013, Thursday

Sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Sweet tooth

Published at 15:23
15 July 2013, Monday

Greeting card from Jim

Published at 18:24
14 July 2013, Sunday

Happy Birthday to me

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday 3

Today is my birthday. If it is true that the next year will be same as the day of your anniversary, then let's say -
I will lose my way a lot and not worry about it, but enjoy the places I reach instead.

Published at 17:00
12 July 2013, Friday

Hike in Vitosha Mountain, Bulgaria

Teddy land: camp fire at Smilyo shelter, Vitosha mountain, Bulgaria

More photos from Vitosha mountain

Published at 14:51
11 July 2013, Thursday

Teddy Little Bear Joins Fresh Anti-Govt Protest in Sofia

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear Joins Fresh Anti-Govt Protest in Sofia

Published at 11:52
8 July 2013, Monday

20 lb have never been so sweet

Teddy land: Rila Mountain, Bulgaria

The day of the reality check. It looks good, it feels good, but will it let me continue be a backpacker, or I will have to turn into a dude with a suitcase? And.... hurray! I can hike with a 20 lb backpack. Good enough for me, I am a Little Teddy Bear. 20 lb of honey can take me a long way. I give you all a hearty smack!

More photos

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