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12 December 2022, Monday

For your convenience

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29 November 2022, Tuesday

This is how I feel about Christmas

Run Rudolph Run

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23 November 2022, Wednesday

Close calls with bears

Teddy Land: Most bears that have met people think we live on trees

Album  Bear cartoons collection

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14 November 2022, Monday

Blaseneck 1969m

Teddy Land: Blaseneck 1969m

The singing cross. You can hardly hear the cross because the sound of the wind is too strong, but it is beautiful.

Album  Blaseneck 2022

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13 November 2022, Sunday
12 November 2022, Saturday

Bears nowadays

Teddy Land: Do not let the bears use your phone.

Do not let the bears use your phone. They will use it to order food.

Album  Bears Cartoons

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11 November 2022, Friday

Stay wild

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Be aware of women

Always watch out for women even if they mean well.

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6 November 2022, Sunday


Teddy Land: Graz

Album  Graz 2022

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2 November 2022, Wednesday

Pure happiness

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1 November 2022, Tuesday

Bear in driveway

Teddy Land: Bear in driveway

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22 October 2022, Saturday
16 October 2022, Sunday

Blood tower

Teddy Land: Blood tower
The Water tower turns into Blood tower for Halloween

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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25 September 2022, Sunday

Bake a Boo cake

Teddy Land: Bake a Boo cake

Tumbago has been modeling for a Bake a Boo cake

Teddy Land: Bake a Boo cake

I can eat myself too?

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Happy 11th Birthday Tumbago

Teddy Land: Tumbago passport

Teddy Land: Happy 11th Birthday Tumbago

Album  Rottenmann 2022

BBC Scotland greeting for Tumbago's birthday

ELEVEN! Easy for you to say.

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15 September 2022, Thursday
14 September 2022, Wednesday

Enns river and Admont Abbey

Teddy Land: Enns river
Bridge over Enns river near Johnsbach

Teddy Land: Admont Abbey church
Admont Abbey church

Album  Admont 2022

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13 September 2022, Tuesday


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10 September 2022, Saturday

Großer Pyhrgas 2nd attempt

Teddy Land: Großer Pyhrgas 2nd attempt

Album  Großer Pyhrgas 2nd attempt

We welcome in our gang a Siberian white owl (Snowy owl) given to me as a present by Andrey Gusev (Ural local historian) at the Dyatlov foundation on August 11, 2022. During my visit in Yekaterinburg the address of the foundation burned into my memory forever, Pervomayskaya 114, and the closest cross street and bus station are called "Sofya Kovalevskaya". Naturally I checked her out. When Andrey gave me the owl, the name Sofya Kovalevskaya was the first name that came to mind because in Russian owl is "sova". She is going to live with us in the Alps.

Teddy Land: Sofya Kovalevskaya

Teddy Land: Sofya Kovalevskaya a gift from Andrey Gusev

Album  Expedition 2022 - Yekaterinburg

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27 July 2022, Wednesday
26 June 2022, Sunday
23 June 2022, Thursday
22 June 2022, Wednesday

Bloßkogel 1530m

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8 June 2022, Wednesday

Bears in Vienna

Teddy Land: Bear cubs playground
Once upon a time this was a bear cubs playground

Album  Buildings with Secrets


Teddy Land: Bears at work
Bears at work

Album  Vienna 2022

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2 June 2022, Thursday

The Magic of 7

Cannibalism has a long history in the Fijian islands, which were previously known as the Cannibal Islands. Methodist missionary Reverend Thomas Baker, along with six Fijian student teachers (the magic of 7), was murdered and eaten in central Viti Levu, the largest Fijian island. The remains of Reverend Baker’s boots are held at the Fiji Museum in Suva. Read more →

Teddy Land: 7 Fiji dollars

Questions to Rada Ivanov with ♥ and gratitude: (1) How many jars of honey will 7 Fiji dollars buy? and (2) What is the number of people one has to eat to become a Fiji citizen?

Album  Pilgramgasse 2022

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1 June 2022, Wednesday

Badass strawberry

Teddy Land: Badass strawberry

When you grow listening to AC/DC

Album  Pilgramgasse 2022

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27 May 2022, Friday


Teddy Land: Gipfelkreuz Hochschneeberg 2076m

Gipfelkreuz Hochschneeberg 2076m

Album  Rax 2022

These boots are were made for walking

Teddy Land: These boots are made for walking

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21 May 2022, Saturday

Meanwhile in Alaska

Now boarding

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20 May 2022, Friday

Nothing like spring in Vienna

Teddy Land: Drink responsibly
Drink responsibly


Teddy Land: Tree playing the harmonica
Tree playing the harmonica

Album  Vienna 2022

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30 April 2022, Saturday

Voisthalerhütte opens today!

Teddy Land: Schiestlhaus am Hochschwab

Teddy Land: Schiestlhaus am Hochschwab

The caretakers of Voisthalerhütte (1,654 m) voisthalerhuette.com opening today, April 30, 2022!

Album  Schiestlhaus 2022

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29 April 2022, Friday

Schiestlhaus am Hochschwab

Teddy Land: Schiestlhaus am Hochschwab

Schiestlhaus 2156m

Album  Schiestlhaus 2022

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24 April 2022, Sunday

Easter cake

Teddy Land: Happy Easter

Celebrating Easter around the world... with a cake

Album  Pilgramgasse

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18 April 2022, Monday

Happy Easter

Teddy Land: Happy Easter

Album  Vienna 2022

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2 April 2022, Saturday

Matteo Bear

Matteo Bear is now part of the gang

The 'Swiss sweater' in the middle is a gift from Matteo Born. We call him the "Antichrist" (the bear, not Matteo Born) because his sweater is always turned up and the cross looks upside down. We treated Matteo Bear with Manuka honey and he is wearing a wrist charm "martenitza" with a bear paw, a sign that he is a part of the gang now. Matteo Bear let us in on some inside information. Although toughies on the outside he told us that the Swiss 'avalanche' scientists and film crew like to cuddle with bears. Matteo Born is the director of this movie "The Dyatlov Mystery".

Album  Bulgaria 2022

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18 March 2022, Friday


Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World

Happy Sleep Teddy!

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12 March 2022, Saturday

Happy Name Day!

Happy Name Day Teddy!

Happy Name Day! ~ To all my friends with the same name - Teddy

He looks like they just painted a portrait of him.

Teddy Land: How to paint a bear

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Happy Name Day Teddy!

Happy Name Day Teddy!

Happy Name Day Teddy! ~ From Gery

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Orphaned pony Breeze and his Teddy bear

Orphaned pony Breeze and his Teddy bear

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27 February 2022, Sunday

13 bears guarding marijuana

English subtitles (CC)

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22 February 2022, Tuesday

The sadest bear

Teddy Land: I asked the Ash by Elena Sedova

I've asked an ash tree... by Elena Sedova

Album  Bears in Art

The drawing is based on the lyrics of this song.

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21 February 2022, Monday

Attention to the cherries and frosting

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday Cake by Ekaterina Muratova

Happy Birthday Cake by Ekaterina Muratova

Album  Bear Cartoons

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16 February 2022, Wednesday

Unusual dinner

Teddy Land: Unusual dinner

Unusual dinner by Platinum FMD, Luciano Honorato, Bruno Nunes, Flavino Albino

Album  Bears in Art

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15 February 2022, Tuesday

Winter bear

Teddy Land: ALF In Yan

Winter bear by Nanook, made with mountains in the Alps

Album  Bears in Art

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14 February 2022, Monday

At The Top Of The Mountain

Teddy Land: ALF In Yan

At The Top Of The Mountain by A.L.F. In Yan

Album  Bears in Art

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13 February 2022, Sunday

On Guard

Teddy Land: On Guard by Evgenij Kungur

On Guard (На стража) by Evgenij Kungur

Album  Bears in Art

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12 February 2022, Saturday

Gozde Eyce book project

Teddy land: Good morning

Goooood morning!

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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7 February 2022, Monday

Bear coffee logo

Teddy land: Bear coffee logo

Minimal Logo Brand by Mohammed Amine Boulehena

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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Dancing cockatoo

Can't get enough of this cockatoo!

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23 January 2022, Sunday

Orphaned baby bear

May The Force Be With You Little One!

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