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26 September 2016, Monday

Tribute to the Iberian wildlife

Teddy Land: Antonio Segura Donat

Wall painting by Antonio Segura Donat in Zaragoza, Spain, for the "Noveno asalto" festival - tribute to the Iberian wildlife.

From our collection  Buildings with Secrets

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25 September 2016, Sunday

Happy 5th Birthday Tumbago!

Teddy Land: Happy 5th Birthday Tumbago

Tumbago's presents centerpiece is his own sculpture from Belgium porcelain. He would have preferred chocolate, I can't teach him the value of the long lasting materials. Honey like chocolate are perishable and he likes them best. Other presents include but are not limited to pink lingerie, honey and home made cheesecake with raspberry jam made same day especially for the occasion.

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17 September 2016, Saturday

Maria and Georgi wedding

Teddy Land: Maria and Georgi wedding

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11 September 2016, Sunday


Teddy Land: Krummbachstein

Album  Krummbachstein

What a weekend should be. It all ended with spritzer cocktails and dream-come-true chocolate cake from Thomas birthday party last night. Participants: Emo, Ivan (aka Buka), Drago, Katya, Evgeni, Juri and I. The dog is not ours.

They always write recipes how to make a cake. Here is one how to eat it.
Go to a party, drink late, take half of a home made delicious cake in your backpack and next day carry it up and down at least 1000 m altitude. Serve on a train platform with wine spritzers and beer. Miss your train, get more wine spritzers and beer.

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9 September 2016, Friday

Anton-Schmid Promenade

Teddy Land: Anton-Schmid Promenade

Our new favorite place for a stroll. Or swim. From the collection  Buildings with secrets

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