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27 January 2013, Sunday

Teddy Bears in Art

Dream Sentinel by the Greek artist Begemott

Who's fighting the monsters when you fall asleep?

Starting collection Teddy Bears in Art

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22 January 2013, Tuesday

Snow Teddy Bear - tribute to my friend Dzibelia (El Gordo), Tumbago Bear by passport

Teddy Land: Snow Teddy Bear
Teddy Land: Snow Teddy Bear
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8 January 2013, Tuesday

Misery's Bear Guide to Love & Heartbreak

Misery Bear's Guide to Love & Heartbreak
Misery Bear My Tie cocktail

"Misery's Bear Guide to Love & Heartbreak" on Amazon

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1 January 2013, Tuesday

My New Year's resolution

Teddy Land: Land Rover Defender logo

Land Rover Defender advertising, and a tag line to go with it - Go beyond.

This image captured my imagination with its simplicity and meaning. But the longer I stare into it the more reasons I find to like it. There is only one country in this collage of visas that I have been to, République Française (France), and that's my greatest experience so far, climbing Mont Blanc. I am really looking forward to explore the rest: Belize, Bolivia, Chile, Cambodia, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, Côte d'Ivoire (or Ivory Coast), Suriname, maybe more that I can't make out. So this is not a one-year resolution. This is how my life should pick up in 2013.

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