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23 December 2015, Wednesday

In transit

Teddy-land: AirSerbia

Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

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21 December 2015, Monday

Belvedere, Vienna

Teddy Land: Belvedere, Honey tites

Honey tits

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20 December 2015, Sunday


Teddy Land: Sacher cake, Vienna, Austria

– Are you going to eat that?

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13 December 2015, Sunday

Hochschwab 2015

or how the bears got their medals "Brave Heart". Not your winter way to Hochschwab. Last 50m will forever be called Ron's Steps. The rest is something like "Koteshnkia chal" in Pirin, Bulgaria - 50 cm wide ridge with drops on both sides. What you see on the photo is the side where Juri said is better to fall if you have the luxury of choosing sides, because "you can see the bottom".

Teddy Land: Hochschwab

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9 December 2015, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Herminensteig 2015

We made it a habit to go after surgery.

Herminensteig 2015

Herminensteig 2012

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