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27 June 2017, Tuesday

Sikh khanda

Teddy Land: Sikh khanda

When I met Juri 12 years ago he gave me the Sikh khanda (see the pendant on the photo). I never put meaning into it till now. Feels as if a circle has closed. Note that Sikhism prohibits smoking, alcohol and the use of any intoxicants.

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Sat Shri Akaal!

Teddy Land: Amritsar, Golden Temple

Right after this photo was taken two sentinels confiscated the swords and escorted me out with the words "No more". I think he referred to the proclamation of the bears to be the 12 and 13th Sikh gurus.

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16 June 2017, Friday

Tashi delek

Teddy Land: Tibet, Land of the yaks

Tashi delek! Welcome to the Land of the yaks! Teddy Little Bear and Tumbago riding a baby yak.

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8 June 2017, Thursday


Teddy Land: Namaskar from Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

Namaskar from Kalpa, Himachal Pradesh

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3 June 2017, Saturday

Rupin Pass

Teddy Land: Kinnaur Kailash seen from Rupin Pass

Kinnaur Kailash seen from Rupin Pass

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