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28 July 2016, Thursday
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23 July 2016, Saturday

Happy 20th Anniversary Visia

Teddy Land: Happy 20th Anniversary Visia

From Morpheus Team

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20 years VISIA

Teddy Land: 20 years VISIA

- Dzibel, you are holding it upside down.

Teddy Land: 20 years VISIA

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The Hairball

Teddy land: Teddy Little Bear's hairball

Now we know what's been happening to Teddy Little Bear's fur!

The hairball photo session

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20 July 2016, Wednesday

Cherni Vruh

Teddy Land: Cherni Vruh

Bulgaria 2016

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14 July 2016, Thursday

Birthday Party

This is as good as it gets this year

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It's my Birthday

Teddy Land: It's my Birthday

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9 July 2016, Saturday

Flying Autsrian

Teddy Land: Flying Austrian

Album  Airborne

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Confess A Bear

Teddy Land: SpongeBob Confess A Bear

Confess A Bear - SpongeBob SquarePants - The Pink Purloiner (season 4 episode 20a)

From collection  Teddy Bears United

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8 July 2016, Friday

Maple tree disguise

Teddy Land: Maple tree disguise

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Robots with Teddy Bears

Teddy Land: Geoffrey Gertsnten - Robot with a Teddy Bear
Teddy Land: Geoffrey Gertsnten - The Rescue

From the collection  Bears in art

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7 July 2016, Thursday

Mr. Mau

Teddy Land: Mr. Mau

The photo of Mr. Mau is taken by Vesi Stoyanova at the Danube Promenade in Vienna.
Today is her Birthday. Happy Birthday Vesi!

From the collection  Buildings with secrets

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1 July 2016, Friday

Happy Birthday Drago!

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday Drago!

Teddy Land: Vesi, Petya and TeddyVesi, Petya and Teddy - The Three Graces modern version
Teddy Land: with Fabian Schipfer and Lukas Sharing hookah with Fabian Schipfer and Lukas
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