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31 December 2019, Tuesday

2019 is dead. Long live 2020!

Teddy Land: Singsdorfer Alm

Singsdorfer Alm 1603m

Album  Singsdorfer Alm 2019

Teddy Land: Rottenmann 2019

Tales from under the rosehip tree

Album  Rottenmann 2019

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29 December 2019, Sunday

Dürrenschöberl 1737m

Teddy Land: Dürrenschöberl

Official season opening

Album  Dürrenschöberl 2019

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20 December 2019, Friday
19 December 2019, Thursday

Bear wannabe Rudolph

Teddy Land: Bear wannabe Rudolph

What the hell man?!?!

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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18 December 2019, Wednesday

Groovy Rudolph

Teddy Land: Groovy Rudolph

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13 December 2019, Friday

Kettenbrückengasse U-Bahn-Station

Teddy Land: Kettenbrückengasse U-Bahn-Station

Only Stoned Kreaturs

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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11 December 2019, Wednesday

Hasta Las Vegas, Baby!

Teddy Land: Fly Carefully. Come Back Soon.

Fly Drive Carefully. Come Back Soon.

Album  Las Vegas 2019

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5 December 2019, Thursday
3 December 2019, Tuesday

Grizzly Made in USA

Teddy Land: Grizzly Made in USA

Grizzly Made in USA @ Wild West Guns

Teddy Land: Wild West Guns

Looking for a job... as interior decor perhaps?

Album  Las Vegas 2019

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30 November 2019, Saturday

Clark County Shooting Complex

Teddy Land: Clark County Shooting Complex

Dz, this is not a photo shoot. I think we are the live targets. @ Clark County Shooting Complex

Album  Las Vegas 2019

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28 November 2019, Thursday

Venice Beach

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Rose Ave and Main, Venice Beach

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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25 November 2019, Monday

Santa Monica 2019

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Santa Monica - Route 66 - End of the Trail

Album  Santa Monica 2019

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Venice Beach 2019

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Life Guards on Duty

Album  Venice Beach 2019

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17 November 2019, Sunday

Grand Canyon

Teddy Land: Grand Canyon

You can call me GRANDzibelia

Album  Grand Canyon 2019

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9 November 2019, Saturday

The Strip

Teddy Land: Bellagio


Album  Las Vegas 2019

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5 November 2019, Tuesday

Teddy Land: Hall of Fame

Teddy Land: Tye Pierpont

Tye Sheet Pierpont at Heathrow Airport

Teddy Land: Tye Pierpont


Album  Hall of Fame

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Arrivals at Heathrow

Going transit to Vegas

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4 November 2019, Monday

Guardian Angel

Teddy Land: Guardian Angel by Pühringer

Guardian Angel by W. M. Pühringer - a combination of bird, angel and flying object from another world.

"On the occasion of the new planning of the property Schönbrunnerstraße 34 in Margareten, it rises, mounted on the intersection of facade edge and passage to the courtyard, like a signpost, at a height of 6.5 m over the sidewalk on the busy street and forms a highly visible town planning signal. Made in Nirosta and brass, "Guardian Angel", like many of Pühringer's works, is a combination of bird, angel and flying object from another world."
– Architecture & Construction Forum 8 / 9-1996

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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1 November 2019, Friday

Bear's Spa and Recreation

We take care of bears in Bulgaria and hunt tourists that come to visit

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31 October 2019, Thursday

Happy Halloween!

Teddy Land: I am a Panda
By Liz Climo

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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22 October 2019, Tuesday

The Enchanted Forest

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday! Make a wish.

Happy Birthday! Make a wish.

Album  Vienna 2019

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25 September 2019, Wednesday

8 Years of Dzen

Teddy Land: Happy 8th Birthday Tumbago

Baileys is in the cake. The number 8 is itself balanced, which means that it is the number of balancing both the material and spiritual aspects of our experience. Dzibelia had lived 8 years of Dzen.

Teddy Land: Happy 8th Birthday Tumbago

Album  Pilgramgasse

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11 September 2019, Wednesday
8 September 2019, Sunday


Teddy Land: Dürrenschöberl

We had to chain ourselves to the cross not to be blown away.

Album  Dürrenschöberl 2019

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6 September 2019, Friday

Expedition Unknown

Teddy Land: Dyatlov Pass

Dyatlov Pass

The bears brought tangerines to the Memorial

Did you know that among Dyatlov group possessions were two bear toys? They belonged to Slobodin and Krivonischenko. There is another one that Lyudmila gave Yuri Yudin before he headed back from 2nd Northern. Read more →

Album  Expedition Unknown

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26 August 2019, Monday


Teddy Land: Prokletije

I felt so much beauty of nature, and the warmth and hospitality of the local people is in contrast with these hard and brutality looking "Cursed Mountains". Everything is mysterious under the tall towers of the peaks. This nature is like out of a dream, or a movie. I am enchanted, and if there is a curse that is forever be in awe of these mountains.

Album  Prokletije

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16 July 2019, Tuesday
14 July 2019, Sunday

Three candles in gratitude to be alive

Teddy Land: Leopoldsberg Church

Three candles lit in the church for Yuri, Teddy and Teddy Little Bear. Tumbago is a authorized representative of Yuri for the ceremony.

Teddy Land: Leopoldsberg Church

This is the first time I see the church open and attend a mass (by chance). The music started the moment I was lighting the candles. It startled me, I almost dropped the matchstick.

Album  Vienna 2019

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7 years anniversary - 7 years of borrowed life!

Teddy Land: Siau

On 14 July 2012 on our way back to take the boat to Sulawesi after a week of adventures, we hopped on the back of a truck full with construction materials - sand, iron rods etc. Going down the mountain vehicle's breaks failed and we crashed into a rock. Don't want to go into too much medicine, but the recap is 6 broken ribs resulting in flail chest, shattered shoulder blade, fractured elbow in need of operation, subdural hematoma from head injury. 10 days in I.C.U. Read more →

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Album  Sulawesi 2012

Teddy Land: Teddy Little Bear passport

Happy double birthday to me!

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11 July 2019, Thursday

A black bear was spotted taking in the view at this luxury New Hampshire hotel

Teddy Land: Black bear in New Hampshire hotel

Teddy Land: Black bear in New Hampshire hotel

A photo snapped June 29 by an employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort shows a black bear holding onto a rail on the veranda and looking out. The photo was taken around 5 a.m. and the employee, Sam Geesaman, said he had only wanted to get a photo of the sunrise. Instead, he caught the bear as it climbed stairs in search of a trash can. The bear moved on after Gessaman loudly clapped and stomped. New Hampshire routinely has reports of bears finding their way into homes, campgrounds and even apartment complexes.

Last year, food shortages were blamed for a sharp increase in bear-human conflicts and the highest numbers of bear killings since 2014.

Source: Boston News

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2 July 2019, Tuesday


Teddy Land: Berliner

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30 June 2019, Sunday


Teddy Land: Almspitz

Look ma, no trail. This is how we beat the crowd.

Album  Almspitz 2019

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26 June 2019, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Hallstatt

Hallstatt is such an unbelievably spectacular place that even the Chinese have created a copy of the ancient salt mine village.

Album  Hallstatt 2019

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25 June 2019, Tuesday

Stein am Mandl

Teddy Land: Hallstatt

Stein am Mandl (2043m), translation - Little man from stone (or Little stoned man?)

Album  Stein am Mandl 2019

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14 June 2019, Friday

Crisis de Octubre

Teddy Land: Crisis de Octubre, Cuba

Who is behind the wheel?

Album  Crisis de Octubre

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7 June 2019, Friday

Cuba 2019

Teddy Land: Cuba 2019

The equivalent of the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles located in front of Hotel Nacional

Album  Cuba 2019

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6 May 2019, Monday

¡Con Cuba no te metas!

Teddy Land: Cuba embassy

Teddy Land: Cuba embassy

Nos vamos para Cuba!

Album  Vienna 2019

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1 May 2019, Wednesday

Vienna cemetery

Teddy Land: Sky (aerial) burial at Vienna cemetery

Sky (aerial) burial at Vienna cemetery

Teddy Land: Vienna cemetery

Album  Vienna 2019

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20 April 2019, Saturday

Tumbago new passport

Teddy Land: Tumbago new passport

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19 April 2019, Friday

Blosen 1724m

Teddy Land: Blosen

Roaming the Alps

Album  Blosen 2019

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12 April 2019, Friday
7 April 2019, Sunday

Happy Geologists Day

Teddy Land: Happy Geologists Day

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5 April 2019, Friday

Liberty Bears

Teddy Land: Liberty Bears
Teddy Land: Liberty Bears

Brought to us by Elke Schmoelzer

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2 April 2019, Tuesday

Tree funeral

Teddy Land: Tree funeral

We are going to miss you.

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1 April 2019, Monday

Know the bears

Teddy Land: The commonfolk's guide to bears

The commonfolk's guide to bears

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8 March 2019, Friday
3 March 2019, Sunday

Gotcha squirrel!

Teddy Land: Gotcha squirrel!

Gotcha squirrel!

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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2 March 2019, Saturday

Frizzly Bear

Teddy Land: Frizzly Bear by Piper Thibodeau

Frizzly Bear by Piper Thibodeau

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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1 March 2019, Friday

Happy Baba Marta

Teddy Land: Happy Baba Marta

Martenitsa, a Token for the Coming of Spring

Album  Pilgramgasse

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28 February 2019, Thursday

Cafè Kahlenberg

Teddy Land: Cafè Kahlenberg

Spring needs to be nurtured

Album  Vienna 2019


Teddy Land: Hundertwasser incineration plant

Spittelau incineration plant painted by Hundertwasser

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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26 February 2019, Tuesday

I Have Been to the Mountain

Teddy Land: I Have Been to the Mountain by Geoffrey Gersten

I Have Been to the Mountain by Geoffrey Gersten

Album  Bears in Art

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25 February 2019, Monday

The Kiss

Teddy Land: The Kiss

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19 February 2019, Tuesday

Cherni Vruh with Eddie

Teddy Land: Cherni Vruh with Eddie

“Some birds are not meant to be caged, that's all. Their feathers are too bright, their songs too sweet and wild. So you let them go, or when you open the cage to feed them they somehow fly out past you. And the part of you that knows it was wrong to imprison them in the first place rejoices, but still, the place where you live is that much more drab and empty for their departure.”

― Stephen King, Rita Hayworth and Shawshank Redemption: A Story from Different Seasons

Album  Cherni Vruh with Eddie 2019

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27 January 2019, Sunday

Sergey Elkin

Teddy Land: Relax, this is for people. We sleep till April.

– Aah! Work tomorrow!
– Relax, this is for people. We sleep till April.

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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24 January 2019, Thursday
21 January 2019, Monday

A Bear! Where did you come from?

Teddy Land: I have always been here

I have always been here

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

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2 January 2019, Wednesday

The perfect Christmas present

Teddy Land: Japanese igloo for the bears

For Christmas we got our own personal igloo from Japan. We kid you not.
And judging by Tumbago's nose - he got to the white powder stash.

Album  Rottenmann 2019

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