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30 November 2019, Saturday

Clark County Shooting Complex

Teddy Land: Clark County Shooting Complex

Dz, this is not a photo shoot. I think we are the live targets. @ Clark County Shooting Complex

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28 November 2019, Thursday

Venice Beach

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Rose Ave and Main, Venice Beach

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25 November 2019, Monday

Santa Monica 2019

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Santa Monica - Route 66 - End of the Trail

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Venice Beach 2019

Teddy Land: Venice Beach

Life Guards on Duty

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17 November 2019, Sunday

Grand Canyon

Teddy Land: Grand Canyon

You can call me GRANDzibelia

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9 November 2019, Saturday

The Strip

Teddy Land: Bellagio


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5 November 2019, Tuesday

Teddy Land: Hall of Fame

Teddy Land: Tye Pierpont

Tye Sheet Pierpont at Heathrow Airport

Teddy Land: Tye Pierpont


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Arrivals at Heathrow

Going transit to Vegas

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4 November 2019, Monday

Guardian Angel

Teddy Land: Guardian Angel by Pühringer

Guardian Angel by W. M. Pühringer - a combination of bird, angel and flying object from another world.

"On the occasion of the new planning of the property Schönbrunnerstraße 34 in Margareten, it rises, mounted on the intersection of facade edge and passage to the courtyard, like a signpost, at a height of 6.5 m over the sidewalk on the busy street and forms a highly visible town planning signal. Made in Nirosta and brass, "Guardian Angel", like many of Pühringer's works, is a combination of bird, angel and flying object from another world."
– Architecture & Construction Forum 8 / 9-1996

Album  Buildings with Secrets

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1 November 2019, Friday

Bear's Spa and Recreation

We take care of bears in Bulgaria and hunt tourists that come to visit

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