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29 July 2015, Wednesday

We have flight to catch...

Teddy Land: In dreams by Geoffrey Gersten

Photos from Las Vegas

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Too much honey, had to fix the sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Dr Touraj Habashi

Teddy Land: Dr Touraj Habashi

This flight will be very pleasant thanks to Dr. Touraj Habashi

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New passport

Teddy Land: New Passport

Got to have a valid passport to fly tomorrow

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28 July 2015, Tuesday

Bear Market

Teddy Land: Bear Market

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27 July 2015, Monday

When Arnie decided his son needed a therapy

Teddy Land: When Arnie decided his son needed therapy

by Wumo

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Jelly Bears on the loose

Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose

Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose
Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose
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Bellagio and Caesars Palace

Teddy Land: Bellagio

Photos from Las Vegas

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25 July 2015, Saturday

It's getting crowded here

Teddy Land: House Detroit

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23 July 2015, Thursday

Luxor, Las Vegas

Teddy Land: Luxor, Las Vegas

Photos from Las Vegas

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20 July 2015, Monday
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14 July 2015, Tuesday

You were saying...

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday drunk

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Happy Birthday from Carole

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday from Carole

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O crap, my passport is expired...

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It's my birthday!

Teddy Little Bear passport

Turning 5!

Happy Birthday Teddy Little Bear!

And I have new shoes!

The Ogre is ogling Tumbago

The Ogre is ogling Tumbago

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11 July 2015, Saturday


Teddy Land: Piñata

Piñata teaches kids from early age that if you hit hard enough you get what you want!

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9 July 2015, Thursday

Photos from Underground

Teddy Land: Dracula

Dracula: What am I supposed to do with him, I don't eat beans*.
*Teddy Little Bear is a beanie bear

Teddy Land: Predator

Teddy Land: Alien

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Man Discovers Pet Dogs Are Actually Bears

Teddy Land: Himalayan Bear

Two years ago, Wang Kayui, of Yunnan, China, adopted two black bears, except he thought they were puppies. His new pets were frequently groomed and well trained. Kayui, clearly an inexperienced pet owner, thought it was odd when the puppies started to hunt chickens and reached more than 100 pounds, but didn’t think much of it. He wanted two guard dogs, and his pups scared off unwanted visitors like he’d never seen before. You would think that the lack of tail-chasing, barking, and leash-walking should have given away the animals’ true identity, but it wasn’t until he received a pamphlet on endangered animals that he realized that his puppies were actually Asian black bears. Kayui was shocked that his well-behaved, slightly large guard dogs were bears. He did the right thing and called the local authorities. The bears were sent to Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center, where they currently reside.

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7 July 2015, Tuesday

Tumbago goes religious

Teddy Land: Bees and Panagia
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Christ
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Crucifixion
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Saints

In the region of Kapandriti near Athens, a wonderful thing happens. Ten years ago, a devout beekeeper named Isidoros Ţiminis, thought to place in one of his hives an icon of the Crucifixion of the Lord. Soon thereafter, when he opened the hive, he was amazed that the bees showed respect and devotion to the icon, having "embroidered" it in wax, yet leaving uncovered the face and body of the Lord. Since then, every spring, he puts into the hives icons of the Savior, the Virgin Mary and the Saints, and the result is always the same.

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5 July 2015, Sunday

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Teddy Land: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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4 July 2015, Saturday

Happy 4th of July

Teddy Land: Happy 4th of July

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Battlefield Vegas

Teddy Land: Battlefield Vegas

4th of July photo album

Special gift - car crushing with an Abrams for $3,500, or with a T-55 for $2,500
You can get you wife in the car for a photo before you proceed with the gift.

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2 July 2015, Thursday

Don't Feed Our Bears

Teddy Land: Don't Feed Our Bears

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John Muir Wilderness

Teddy Land: John Muir Wilderness

Photos from the trip

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