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31 October 2017, Tuesday

Happy Halloween!

Teddy Land: Happy Halloween!

Zis is my castle and zis is my BEEtch.

Album  Vienna 2017

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30 October 2017, Monday

Teddy land: Bear skeleton

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13 October 2017, Friday

Three bears

Three black bears broke into a pizza shop, nabbing trays of dough and a chunk of salami before leaving. The tree bears broke into a window at front of the Colorado pizza shop. The trespassers chose their diet wisely. After August black bears enter "hyperphagia" and carbo-load to pack on pounds for hibernation. "Many bears actively forage up to 20 hours per day during the fall feeding frenzy," wildlife officials say. Restaurant staff "tossed product, sanitized, re-stoked," and were back open for business the next day. A few dough trays also had to be bent back into shape. "It was really fun to come into that one." Tony Francher co-owner of Antonio's Real New York Pizza

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