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25 July 2017, Tuesday

Bear with me

Teddy land: Bear walking

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20 July 2017, Thursday

Bears and music

Teddy land: Bear playing the piano

Teddy land: Bear playing the guitar

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16 July 2017, Sunday

Best company for hiking

Teddy Land: Best company for hiking

Always hike with somebody in worse shape than you.
There's bears out there you know.

Album  Bear cartoons

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15 July 2017, Saturday

Sebastien Millon

Teddy Land: Turn your thoughts into action - Sebastien Millon
Teddy Land: Concerned Drunky Bear - Sebastien Millon
Teddy Land: Drunky aviator bear - Sebastien Millon
Teddy Land: Happy Birthday Bears - Sebastien Millon
Teddy Land: There is only one drunky bear - Sebastien Millon

From the collection  Bear cartoons

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14 July 2017, Friday

My 7th Birthday

Teddy Land: My 7th Birthday

I am having mixed feelings about this...

Album  Pilgramgasse

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Furdryer for a birthday present

Teddy Land: Furdryer for my 7th Birthday

I don't like the way this Birthday is going. This turn not to be carrot cake but Moro soup, and my birthday present is a furdryer. Now, I have to get wet to use it, don't I? At least it is improvement from last year when they took me to the dry cleaner's.

Teddy Land: Carrots?
Teddy Land: Moro soup

Album  Pilgramgasse

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12 July 2017, Wednesday

Giardia Lamblia

Teddy land: Giardia Lamblia
I am smiling from within :)

My duodenum became a shelter for these guys after less than a moth into our trip in India. It is characterized with explosive diarrhea, gases and losing control over any bodily functions and dignity. I took Metronidazole but most probably got infected again, because the symptoms persisted. It is only after I came back to Vienna that I realized the cosmic message I have been sent - I am full with smiley faces, maybe because I am so sulky. Can you freaking believe it that this is what lamblia looks like? I have been invaded by emoticons! Even my parasites are a joke. This is something you can imagine been infected by a clown, but beaver fever?

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Teddy land: Giardia Lamblia
Teddy land: Giardia Lamblia
Teddy land: Giardia Lamblia

Teddy land: Giardia Lamblia

Teddy land: Benjamin Franklin
Don't I know it

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