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18 August 2012, Saturday

Serdang hospital, Kuala Lumpur

Teddy Land: Serdang hospital, Kuala Lumpur

I started seeing zombies. People's torsos were twisted, faces distorted the way Picasso painted. He must have had same condition for a long time. I am referring to the subdural hematoma (collection of blood on the surface of the brain). A mata mata (eye) doctor said that there was nothing wrong with my eyes and that I needed another CT scan which I refused because she (the doctor) was a zombie too. Then I had the operation on the left arm, and since they couldn't lay me down on the right hand side where the broken ribs (flail chest) is, the operation took 5h (instead the usual 2h) and the pain when I woke up was excruciating. 2 weeks after I still can't sleep at night. Quit the pain killers, I have provisions for another 2 months. The arm will never be 100% but I have metal elbow which I can use to crack walnuts. I can't feel 2 of my fingers but I will be able to pull potatoes from the hearth. I can't breath properly or carry a backpack with the flail chest but I am sure that with a good shrink I can find a silver lining in this cloud too. The specialists in the Cardiothoracic ward said that they wouldn't operate. And that we better get back home for further consultation for the ribs and physiotherapy for the hand.

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