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25 May 2023, Thursday

BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse

Teddy Land: BJs Restaurant and Brewhouse

Early start on the Memorial Day Weekend! @ BJs

Album  Vegas 2023

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23 May 2023, Tuesday

Treasure Island

Teddy Land: Treasure Island

Album  Vegas 2023

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14 May 2023, Sunday

Bears R Us

This one, I chose this one.

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3 May 2023, Wednesday

Beer Fest

Teddy Land: Beer Fest

Revelations of the day by Tumbago: Peanut butter doesn't get stuck on the roof of your mouth if you drink it!

Rasputin - Russian Imperial Stout

Teddy Little Bear wants to be called Rasputin since he doesn't like taking baths either. And it's his #1 beer.

Delirium Belgian Ale

My favorite

Delirium Belgian Ale

When the coffee is not enough I hit my head on a pool.

Album  Vegas 2023

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