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18 January 2018, Thursday


Teddy Land: Airborne

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking

Album  Airborne

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In transit

Teddy Land: Time to go home

Time to go home...

Photo is from album  Corsica 2015

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16 January 2018, Tuesday


Teddy Land: The prototype for Geoffrey Gersten Beekeper

The prototype for Geoffrey Gersten Beekeper

Album  Vegas 2018

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15 January 2018, Monday

Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop

Teddy land: Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons Loop

Trek to Sheepbone and Quarry Canyons near Lake Mead. We scrambled up the Sheepbone canyon and rapped down the Quarry canyon. The trail was marked with sheep bones - surprise, surprise! Best Martin Luther King's day!

Album  Sheepbone Canyon

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14 January 2018, Sunday

Black Bear Diner

Teddy Land: Black Bear Diner

A bear gotta eat

Album  Black Bear Diner

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13 January 2018, Saturday

Fish food night

Teddy Land: Fish food night

... with black silverware

Album  Vegas 2018

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5 January 2018, Friday

Dancing with rocks

Teddy Land: Red Rock Canyon

More photos in album  Red Rock Canyon

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4 January 2018, Thursday

Bears Night Out

Teddy Land: Bears Night Out

More photos in album  Vegas 2018

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1 January 2018, Monday

Terrace Canyon

Teddy land: Terrace Canyon

Good bye 2017. What a glorious 2018!

Album  Terrace Canyon

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