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29 November 2022, Tuesday

This is how I feel about Christmas

Run Rudolph Run

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23 November 2022, Wednesday

Close calls with bears

How to survive a bear attack: stand still, stay silent... And carry a fresh pair of underwear!

Teddy Land: Most bears that have met people think we live on trees

Album  Bear cartoons collection

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14 November 2022, Monday

Blaseneck 1969m

Teddy Land: Blaseneck 1969m

The singing cross. You can hardly hear the cross because the sound of the wind is too strong, but it is beautiful.

Album  Blaseneck 2022

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13 November 2022, Sunday
12 November 2022, Saturday

Bears nowadays

Teddy Land: Do not let the bears use your phone.

Do not let the bears use your phone. They will use it to order food.

Album  Bears Cartoons

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11 November 2022, Friday

Stay wild

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Be aware of women

Always watch out for women even if they mean well.

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6 November 2022, Sunday


Teddy Land: Graz

Album  Graz 2022

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2 November 2022, Wednesday

Pure happiness

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1 November 2022, Tuesday

Bear in driveway

Teddy Land: Bear in driveway

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