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26 December 2014, Friday

Merry Christmas with prayer flags

Teddy Land: Merry Christmas 2014

Prayer flags were brought to us today from Annapurna by our very close friend Alexander Sivkov

Published at 16:15
25 December 2014, Thursday

A new friend, sunny day, medlars and bees

Teddy Land: A new friend, medlars and a bee

Life doesn't get any better.

More photos from Topolnitza

Published at 16:22
24 December 2014, Wednesday

Holiday greetings from Italy

Teddy Land: Greetings from Italy, by Kalin Kupenov
Teddy Land: Greetings from Italy, by Kalin Kupenov
Teddy Land: Greetings from Italy, by Kalin Kupenov
Teddy Land: Greetings from Italy, by Kalin Kupenov

by Kalin Kupenov

Published at 07:08
18 December 2014, Thursday

David R Goodreau posted

Teddy Land: Ted and friends from Rhode Island

Hey there Tumbago & Teddy - Greetings from Ted & Friends in Rhode Island USA

Published at 10:05
6 December 2014, Saturday

Season is open

Teddy Land: Season is open, Yavorov hut, Bulgaria

Photo by Albena Decheva

More photos from Yavorov hut

Published at 12:27
28 November 2014, Friday

Blue skies smiling at me, nothing but blue skies do I see

Teddy Land: Bear in flight

Bear in Flight by Bobby Chiu

Published at 13:58
27 November 2014, Thursday

Teddy Land: Bear hug

One day, someone is going to hug you so tight that all your broken pieces will stick back together.

Published at 16:22
19 November 2014, Wednesday

Teddy Land: Pooh Bear didn't want to marry, but the thought of Honeymoon was driving him crazy

Pooh Bear didn't want to marry, but the thought of Honeymoon was driving him crazy.

Published at 19:55
15 November 2014, Saturday

Some days are like this

Teddy Land: Teddy Bear by Ricardo Pertichi

Teddy Bear by Ricardo Pertichi

Published at 15:46
6 November 2014, Thursday


This reminds me why Tumbago Bear joined the gang.

Published at 19:09
1 November 2014, Saturday

Back home

Teddy Land: Back home

Been at the cleaners, pastry and liquor store

Published at 13:26
19 October 2014, Sunday

Brian Stanfill from Alaska

Teddy Land: Brian Stanfill, John, Betti and Juri

Our paths crossed again with John and Betti. New friend overlander - Brian Stanfill ( hasadv.com )

Published at 22:54

La Serveza del Peru

Teddy Land: La Serveza del Peru

Our journey is coming to an end - flying from Lima to Vienna on October 24th. It feels like being through Survivor and Big Brother (aka Juri) at the same time. Beer is well deserved. Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 22:39
13 October 2014, Monday


Teddy Land: Leymebamba, Alpaca

Alpacas can be very friendly, not like llamas which seem to be in bad mood most of the time. Teddy Little Bear is getting `special treatment` from an alpaca living in Leymebamba while Tumbago Bear lost it and throw himself face down.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 18:21
12 October 2014, Sunday

Kuelap, Chachapoyas

Teddy Land: Kuelap, Chachapoyas, Peru

Tumbago Bear almost didn`t make it through the door

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 18:15
7 October 2014, Tuesday

Sarcophagus of Karajía

Teddy Land: Sarcophagus of Karajía, Perú

Serenity. Motionless travel in time, to both past and future. I hope one day I see what they are looking at. The "Purunmachos" seem to enjoy themselves and each other's company in a calm unconditional way. They look like tourists in another world.

Photo album from South America 2014


Teddy Land: Huaraz patung Recuay monoliths, Huaras, Peru
Teddy Land: Patung Lore Lindu, Sulawesi, Indonesia Patungs, Sulawesi, Indonesia
Teddy Land: Sarcophagus of Karajia, Peru Sarcophagus of Karajia, Peru
Teddy Land: Cliff craves, Sulawesi, Indonesia Cliff graves, Toraja, Indonesia

The stone monolytes, now the burial rituals make me think of Sulawesi and Thor Heyerdahl's Kon-Tiki expedition inspired by old reports and drawings of Inca rafts, and by native legends and archaeological evidence suggesting contact between South America and Polynesia.

Published at 15:50
4 October 2014, Saturday

Mayor of Moche

Teddy Alcalde de Moche

They want me for Alcalde de Moche (Mayor of Moche). Elections are tomorrow, October 5th 2014.
If I win we will have to stick around for a while.

Published at 19:10

Trujillo - Chan Chan - Huaca de la Luna - Huanchaco

Teddy Land: Chan Chan

New photos from Trujillo - Chan Chan - Huaca de la Luna - Huanchaco

Leaving tonight for Chachapoyas.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 18:38
30 September 2014, Tuesday

Goodbye Huaraz

Teddy Land: Goodbye Huaraz

The tent and winter sleeping bags are given to a shepherd (Jesus Pablo Nolberto Flores) from Conopa, Yanapalca in Cordillera Blanca. Juri tore and threw away second pair of hiking boots. First pair was bought in La Paz, Bolivia, the second pair was Peruvian, but had same life span. We are continuing on sandals and hammocks for Trujillo.

Published at 20:47
23 September 2014, Tuesday


Teddy Land: Quebrada Cojup, Palcacocha, Cordillera Blanca, Peru

Thunder avalanches
glaciers towing into lakes
silencing the thoughts.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 14:46
18 September 2014, Thursday

Cat on the roof

Teddy Land: Huaraz, Peru, Cat graffiti

Going back to the mountain tomorrow, Quebrada Cojup

Published at 21:31
16 September 2014, Tuesday

Magical Huascarán

Teddy Land: Huascarán, Perú

Teddy Land: Huascarán, Perú

Our respect and love for Cordillera Blanca grow with every step we take, steps that are not always easy to take. We are back to Huaraz - washing, feeding, and planning our next destination. Forecast for the next 7 days are showers of rain. Will wait to see what follows. The season is not suppose to end so early.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 19:25
6 September 2014, Saturday

Touching the 'honey'

Teddy Land: Cordillera Huayhuash

The mountains behind us is where the events of the movie Touching the void took place. See the photos, we are too busy planning our next trek in the Huascarán, Cordillera Blanca. The main effort goes to avoid routes that require an agency (with guides, mules and muleteers). We never do that. We carry 10-day supplies and have the freedom to choose where and when to go. The latest hit is to finish the trek in thermal waters known only to the locals.

Published at 22:03
31 August 2014, Sunday

Our true followers!

Happy & Ted on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA

Happy and Ted on Mount Washington, New Hampshire, USA

Published at 20:10
26 August 2014, Tuesday

Recuay Monolith holding two Teddy Bears

Teddy Land: Recuay Monolith holding two Teddy Bears

We found the smaller brothers of the Sulawesi patungs that I am so fond of!

This Recuay Monolith (200-800 BC) is holding two little bears. The photo is of a replica on the streets of Huaraz but there is also a photo of the original monolith among other pics from The Archeology Museum of Ancash.

Our next destination is Cordillera Huayhuash, 10 day trek. We are watching the weather over the mountains...

Published at 21:43
23 August 2014, Saturday

Goodby La Paz

Teddy Land: Goodby La Paz

Goodby La Paz

We are catching today a bus to Lima (30 hours), Peru, and then Huaraz same day.

Published at 19:42
22 August 2014, Friday

Things are rather small

Teddy Land: Things are rather small

The sleeping bag I got in a store in La Paz says ¨US Army¨ and its topknot hardly reaches my shoulders, so I guess this belongs to a division of midgets that the US army keeps top secret. I can fit only with my knees bent. The tent we bought is for 4 people and Juri`s feet stick out - he reminds me of Gulliver. But the size of the salad in one of the restaurants got the cookie.

Published at 19:41

Nothing dry about the dry season in Bolivia

Teddy Land: Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Weather is changing. In the mids of the dry season in Bolivia we are subjected to snow, rain, hail and fog that makes you wet to the bone. After 5 days pitching and folding the wet tent looks like a rag. Day after day we climbed frozen and snowy passes and came down to sleep in damp valleys with peaks enfolded in clouds all the time. Dynamic ever changing skies with all kind of high, low and crawling around us clouds. The forecast for Bolivia is not existing (gismeteo.com, mountain-forecast.com are useless). On La Cumbre ( the highest point) of the road to La Paz, there is station where we spent the night when a heavy snow caught up with us, two shifts are paid to measure morning and evening readings for temperature, snow, rain, clouds, wind, and the numbers are diligently scribbled on a sheet of paper pinned to a cork board. When I asked if they call the numbers daily to someone the guy in charge (Toribio) told me ¨que lastima¨ (too bad) they don't have radio station or a phone so the tables go somewhere at the end of the month, maybe in the Museum of Coca.

Teddy Land: Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Teddy Land: Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Tent is pitched at 3800m, and the the clouds are coming from below. The break is not enough for Juri to finish his cigarette and seconds later he and the shoes are inside and the tent zipped.

Published at 18:40
12 August 2014, Tuesday

Cordillera Real

Teddy Land: Cordillera Real, Bolivia

Bolivia is a land of strong sun and cold shadows. You are always going either up or down, nothing in the middle. Cordillera Real (Bolivia) is a preparation for Cordillera Blanca (Peru). Traversing ridges always puts me in a pensive mode - more walking, less talking, but the mind follows its emotional landscape. The parallel is that life at every point should be a preparation for something greater, harder, higher. Even going to the highest peak doesn´t mean it´s the end of the road. If there is no higher peak then one can always make it for a better time, harsher weather, or with less luggage on the back and in the head. We are currently traversing Cohoni - Sorata on and off. On La Cumbre a snow storm caught up with us so we improvised going down on a very popular trek - the precolumbino camino El Choro which drops 4000m in 2 days - see pics below which are made in two consequitive days. On the first one I´m freezing my butt on La Cumbre, and on the second one we are chilling out with a beer in a tent pitched on a improvised football field.
We are now back to La Paz to add 30 more days to my visa, and then going up to Illampu - the north circle of the traverse.
Some personal discoveries (not sure if they can be of any use for you):

  1. wash socks above 4500m in the afternoon because in the morning they freeze to the stones and employing the ice pick leaves holes in them;
  2. the lamas pin their ears back (like a hissing cat) before spitting at you;
  3. there is this very inviting tuft of green grass above 4000m that procreates by shooting up in your ass millions of needles. Can be useful at the end of the day when you think you don´t have what it takes to finish the last 200m. Just sit down on one of them and you are halfway up to the top.

Teddy Land: La Cumbre, Bolivia

Teddy Land: El Choro, Bolivia

Published at 18:25
25 July 2014, Friday
Published at 18:54
24 July 2014, Thursday

Mate de Coca and new shoes!

Teddy Land: hiking shoes La Paz

Today we bought 2nd hand (or should I say 2nd foot) hiking shoes for $10 from a flea market on 4000m (500m above our hotel). When la gente indigena saw me how I couldn´t catch my breath, these merciful people told me what a wonderful remedy for altitude weakness is the ¨mate de coca¨. We are in the city of the Museo de la Coca after all. I think we will be talking with the spirits of the Andes tonight. We will be ready to head to the mountains when we can run from one end of the city to the other without gasping for air. The prominence is about 1000m.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 23:27
21 July 2014, Monday

We made it to La Paz

Teddy Land: Valle de la Luna

Valle de la Luna

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 22:06
18 July 2014, Friday

The endless road to La Paz

Teddy Land: Caranavi

After taking the bus from Guayaramerin to La Paz and staying folded in the seats for 2 days, congested with dirt, we ran into two road blocks each 3-4 hours, which didn´t come as a surprise to the rest of the passengers. They took their time to do laundry, rise a family, grow old and eventually die. After reaching Caranavi - 100 km horizontally and 3 km vertically away from La Paz, we gave up on this bus to continue the trip next day, so we don´t have to travel at night on unpaved mountain road on a beaten down double decker. In the morning we found that since more than a year roads in this part of Bolivia are out of service Monday - Saturday 7am - 5pm. So much for safety precautions. As for the advertisement above - ¨Ositos¨means little bears. I want to turn your attention to the golden wrist watch he´s wearing.

Camino de la muerte

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 16:22
15 July 2014, Tuesday

40 h bus drive to La Paz

Our first low-land Amazonian, full of mosquitoes, hot and sweaty phase of the trip is over. Tomorrow we are rising to 4000 m in the highest capital La Paz and will roam the surrounding mountains. Time to dig up long pants and trekking shoes from the backpacks. In La Paz we have to buy or rent tent, mountain shoes and gear. All we bring is sleeping bags for 10°C and Primus stove burner. The plan is to spend as much time as we can in Cordillera Real.

Published at 14:57


Teddy Land: Cake for my 4th Birthday

As good as it gets

Published at 14:52
14 July 2014, Monday

Happy Birthday to me

Teddy Land: my passport

I like Bolivia, Guayaramerín is not a bad place to turn 4. I hope a surprise (how about a cake?) is awaiting for me today.

Published at 15:27

Thomas and Cecile

Teddy Land: Thomas and Cecile

Thomas and Cecile (France) fresh from India on their way to lake Titicaca

Published at 15:20

Barco Dois Irmãos I - from Manaus to Porto Velho

Teddy Land: Barco Dois Irmãos I

Teddy Land: Barco Dois Irmãos I

5 days on Madeira river on Barco Dois Irmãos I - from Manaus to Porto Velho
An Amazon Cruise for $17 a Day. Hammock Not Included - NY times article on same cruise

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 15:15
8 July 2014, Tuesday

Hammocks breezing

Hammocks are already breezing on the boat leaving Manaus to Porto Velho at 6 pm today. Journey will take 5 days.

Published at 14:14
7 July 2014, Monday

Manaus to Porto Velho

Writing from Boa Vista, we are catching a bus tonight to Manaus. There is ferry leaving tomorrow from Manaus to Porto Velho. If we are in luck we will be on it.

Published at 20:09
5 July 2014, Saturday


Teddy Land: Roraima

Ladies and Gentlemen, we present you Roraima. The legend says that there was this gigantic Tree of All Fruits but the smart heads of the time decided to cut it off to get all the fruits at once. The corona of the tree tipped over in the abyss never to be found. Now los pemones harvest yucca and drink occasional beer when they can land a job as a guide.

Teddy Land: Omar´s family

This is Omar´s family - our guide. There is a young boy hiding behind his sister, the only son, who wanted to be in the picture but didn´t want to show his face. His name is Jordan, same as Juri´s grandfather.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 17:03
28 June 2014, Saturday

Heading to Roraima

Heading to Roraima tomorrow with nothing otganized in advance. Will improvise as usual and cover most of the distances on foot.

Published at 20:14
26 June 2014, Thursday

Betti and John

Teddy Land: Betti and John infront of their Burt machine

Betti (Hungary) and John (Britain) in front of their Burt machine

Published at 20:14

Kaieteur falls

Teddy Land: Parrot Toda grooming Teddy Little Bear in Mahdia, Guyana

Parrot Toda in Mahdia did some affectionate grooming on Teddy Little Bear

Parrot Toda

Teddy Land: Juri carrying the boat with Johhny (Soldier) up Amatuk falls

Juri carrying the boat with Johhny (Soldier) up Amatuk falls

Teddy Land: Kaieteur falls

Kaieteur falls

Teddy Land: James in Kaieteur Guesthouse

James (Minnesota, USA) will spend 2 months on Kaieteur plateau (tapui) researching the endemic golden frog.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 20:00
17 June 2014, Tuesday

Kaieteur Falls via Mahdia

We are now heading to Kaieteur Falls after we have been told in the National Park office in Georgetown that we can't make it because of this and that, and more. First stop Mahdia, a city of poachers, gold-miners and prostitutes. Kaieteur Falls is four times higher than the Niagara Falls.

Published at 15:59
16 June 2014, Monday

Max De Bowen

Teddy Land: Max De Bowen

Max De Bowen, filmmaker (IMDB) from Australia whose grandfather is from Bulgaria. Small world.

Published at 20:17

Georgetown, Guyana

Teddy Land: Georgetown, Guyana

Guyana is a travel back in time. First impression of Georgetown is open sewer, deafening loud music coming from every car, lots of honking, and some exquisite 19th century wooden buildings. Not understanding the language proved to be dangerous. While I was trying to find the best perspective to make a picture of a dilapidated building occupied by homeless degenerates one of them started talking to me. Out of politeness I approached him to start a conversion. After repeating something 3 times he made a gesture that finally conveyed the message that if I make the picture he will shoot me. I circled the block for 2 days and finally made the picture from far away after Juri made the obvious comment that I have a death wish. Yesterday we went to the waterfront at 5 pm and saw the normal and beautiful people of Guyana, strolling babies, holding hands, dancing capoeira, and just being normal. The fact that we eat with the fishermen, sleep in dangerous areas, and roam the streets meets us with some of the mutants that does not represent the country. But normal people don't walk the streets. They leave their houses and go to their jobs, shops and schools in cars, so we hardly get to meet them.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 15:54

Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Teddy Land: Las Cuevas Bay, Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad and Tobago is a rastafarian country of reggae, big boobs (even the currency is called tities, well that and because the abbreviation of the country is T&T) and English that can be understood or spoken only with the administration of a joint.

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 15:52
10 June 2014, Tuesday

Good morning Tobago

Teddy Land: Good morning Tobago

Good morning Tobago

Teddy Land: The early bird recycler

The early bird recycler

Photo album from South America 2014

Published at 15:21
9 June 2014, Monday


Teddy Land: Frankfurt, Germany

Must eat before we head to the jungle...

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8 June 2014, Sunday

Condor Flight 1258

Teddy Land: Domenic Bahmann Airplane

Condor Flight 1258 on June 9, 2014 Frankfurt FRA 11:40 AM - Tobago TAB 3:30 PM

Published at 18:30
7 June 2014, Saturday

Ted from Rhode Island, US

Teddy Land: Ted from Rhode Island

Ted invited us to visit him in Rhode Island, US. We have to do something about it.

Published at 19:06
29 May 2014, Thursday

Sharing white wine with Sam and Kami from New Zealand

Teddy Land: Sharing white wine with Sam and Kami from New Zealand

They are important players. Kami introduced me to Manuka Honey

Published at 11:23
27 May 2014, Tuesday

Back from Sexton Dolomites

Teddy Land: Sexton Dolomites

Photo album from Sexton Dolomites

Published at 15:38
19 May 2014, Monday

Smile!!!! It confuses people

Teddy Land: Smile - It confuses people

Published at 15:34
11 May 2014, Sunday
Published at 06:28
7 May 2014, Wednesday

Just hanging out

Flå, Hallingdal, Norway, Bear

As full autumn hits the valley of Hallingdal in Norway, this bear chills out in a tree which seems to barely cover its weight.
Photo and caption by Jorgen Tharaldsen

Published at 16:27

No bees... no honey!

No bees...

Published at 16:21
6 May 2014, Tuesday

Hug me - I'm vaccinated

Hug me - I'm vaccinated

Must be my lucky day. I hit the Happy Hour at the Travel Med - for every shot you get a free booster. So I got shot for polio - booster for hepatitis B, shot for typhus - booster for rabies, and one extra booster for ticks on the house. Travel vaccination office employs some unconventional methods.

Flu shot

Published at 09:36
2 May 2014, Friday

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Tre Cime di Lavaredo

Gonna make a quick trip to the Dolomites on 22-25 May. Bought the map today.

Published at 14:43
30 April 2014, Wednesday

Places to visit before you die

Mt Roraima

Mt. Roraima. Venezueal, Brazil and Guyana borders meet on the plateau. The Real Lost World.
Good start for the list "places to visit before you die". Without planning "to die".

Published at 14:30

Good read

Much Loved: Portraits of Beloved Teddies

What a forty-something bear might know about the meaning of life.

Much Loved: Portraits of Beloved Teddies

Published at 07:16

Who said bears can't climb?

Published at 07:07

Get well card for my cousin Katya

Teddy Land: Get well card for my cousin Katya

My cousin Katya is so fond of Tumbago's feet, she says that they are smiling at her,
so he insisted on finishing the card with his left foot.

More photos

Published at 06:50
20 April 2014, Sunday


I have a passport too, in case you don't remember my post from May 2012. Bugger, have to renew it when we come back.

Teddy Land: Bhutan passport

Published at 20:24

Tumbago Bear with a new passport

We had a long discovery day. Dzibelia under deep hypnosis remembered his place of origin - Tobago Main Ridge Forest and chose his date of birth. He calls himself Tumbago - from Tummy and Tobago, his place of birth.

Teddy Land: Trinidad and Tobago passport

The Trinidad and Tobago passports really have this QR code. Here is an example. It says on the second page:
"BEARer is a Minister of the Government of the Republic pf Trinidad and Tobago."

Minister of the Government of the Republic pf Trinidad and Tobago

The QR code on Tumbago's passport data page says:
- Tumbago Bear
- Tobago Main Ridge Forest
- Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
- Together we aspire, Together we achieve (republic's motto)
- Forged from the Love of Liberty (republic's anthem)
- It is more fun to talk with someone who doesn't use long, difficult words but rather short, easy words like "What about lunch?
- People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day.
- Rivers know this: there is no hurry. We shall get there some day.
- If the person you are talking to doesn't appear to be listening, be patient. It may simply be that he has a small piece of fluff in his ear.

Last four lines are A.A. Milne quotes from Winnie-the-Pooh

Published at 19:50
17 April 2014, Thursday

The Little Prince

Teddy Land: The Little Prince

What we think happened in The Little Prince. Influenced by what we found out lives in the Amazon Rainforest.

Published at 12:17
16 April 2014, Wednesday

Teddy Bear with a heart by Teodor Lozanov

Teddy Bear with a heart by Teodor Lozanov

Published at 14:21
13 April 2014, Sunday

On the right side of the grass

Teddy Land: On the right side of the grass

All that matters is to be on the right side of the grass. With a friend.

Published at 18:21
10 April 2014, Thursday
Published at 06:14
9 April 2014, Wednesday

Hanami brought to you by Bloomingbears

Teddy Land: Hanami brought to you by Bloomingbears

Published at 10:54
6 April 2014, Sunday

Beyond The Far Side

Gary Larson: Bears

Gary Larson is our favorite cartoonist

My fav Bear cartoons

Published at 19:16

Rapeseed is like ecstasy for bees

Teddy Land: Rapeseed field

Published at 19:03
1 April 2014, Tuesday

Love you both

Johnny Depp with a Teddy Bear

Teddy Bears United

Published at 19:45
16 March 2014, Sunday

Great day in Vitosha mountain

Teddy Land - Vitosha

Time for bears to wake up from hibernation

More photos from Bulgaria 2014

Published at 05:38
8 March 2014, Saturday

You're Da Bomb

Teddy land: Da Bomb cake

– I want to see what's inside...
– I'm not sure about that...

Published at 15:03
3 March 2014, Monday

We like watching a flower grow...

Teddy Land: Hyacinth

... and hope that a honey bee will stop by.

Published at 09:30
1 March 2014, Saturday

March 1st

Teddy Land: March 1st

Published at 09:57
25 February 2014, Tuesday

Snail building

Teddy Land: Snail building

This snail crawled into the city and it is now pretending to be a building.

From our collection "Buildings with secrets"

Published at 20:21
14 February 2014, Friday

A Bear walks into a bar...

Teddy Land: At the bar

by Scott Hilburn

My fav Bear cartoons

Published at 18:13
13 February 2014, Thursday
Published at 05:42
10 February 2014, Monday

Snowshoeing in Pirin

Teddy Land: Snowshoeing in Pirin, Bulgaria

Photos from the trip

Published at 08:14
26 January 2014, Sunday

Rupite, the only active volcano in Bulgaria

Teddy Land: Rupite

More pjhotos

Published at 22:01
23 January 2014, Thursday

Creatures trapped in the alpineum

It's so hot in Bulgaria this winter that we can't hibernate, so we go to hot springs instead. This is Strahil on the photo, and he asked us to find in the alpineum two-headed dragon, chicken, hen, and a hare. Can you?

Teddy Land: Pancharevo quiz

Published at 18:45
10 January 2014, Friday

It's the holidays

Teddy Land: Sobear and not so sobear

Published at 08:54
6 January 2014, Monday
Published at 13:59


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