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30 June 2012, Saturday


Teddy Land: Mandi

Within our budget this is what a sanitary joint looks like. Once upon a time there was no running water so the wells called mandi were filled with buckets brought from the river. Now, there is running water, but by tradition it still fills the mandi, and the only way to wash anything is to use the dipper. I have forgotten the feeling of rubbing your hands together, or face, or body since one of your hands is always holding the dipper. Now, just think about it - all the water goes into the mandi, and then in the dipper, and then in your face. None of this items (besides your face) is personalized or cleaned between room occupants. Everything is covered with something sleazy or worse. What inspired me for this post though is the sock used to filter the sediments in the water (with no much effect). This is the water we brush our teeth with, and nobody could answer the vital question - who's sock is this?

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29 June 2012, Friday

The art of travel is to deviate from the current plan

Teddy Land: Sulawesi

"The art of travel is to deviate from the current plan."
~ The Art of Travel
We decided to avoid big cities as much as we can. I may not be in touch for weeks. We will be climbing volcanoes and taking a boat possibly on 14 July 2012

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28 June 2012, Thursday

Patung Tinoe

9 days in Lore Lindu National Park (2,310 km2) covering by foot 100 km in Bada and Besoa valleys. I made a lot of friends. True they are made of stone, but they will always be there for me since they do not move. Don't you love when you find things where you left them? Extraordinary folks are these statues (Patungs). Each of them has its own features, character, and governs its own territory. For the short time we met I developed personal relationship with each of them.

Back in Palu now, leaving tomorrow for North Sulawesi (Gorontalo and Manado) where the volcanoes are.

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17 June 2012, Sunday

Going to Lore Lindu

Teddy Land: Megalith in Lore Lindu

Change of plans, instead of heading for East Toraja - the most developed tourist area in Sulawesi, we are already sweating in Palu gathering information about Lore Lindu and surrounding mountains, where is cooler, and where we can still find our way around the mainstream. We will be trekking with backpacks through thick tropical rainforest for at least a week, relying for shelter and food on villages, if we find them.

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12 June 2012, Tuesday

Gandang Dewata magic mountain

Back to Mamasa after 2 nights in the Gandang Dewata magic mountain. Reached Pos 3 - doing more than half way to the top but the hammocks proved not to be manageable in rain. We are trying to dry equipment and clothes 2 days in the village now.

The legend goes that some hikers died up in the mountain and there was sound of drums coming from the top. We were warned not to pay attention if we see or hear things we don't understand. As far as we don't meet the drummer.

Dangerous species are snakes, scorpions, centipedes. Expected leeches. In the woods we saw in more than one occasion animal (definitely not vegetarian) poop with my size. I feel uncomfortable knowing there are animals around that can out poop me.

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5 June 2012, Tuesday

Going to West Toraja

Referring to the map - I am going to use placemarks with no dots when I place them in advance to mark moves in the near future. Here is the plan:

6 Jun - driving for 10-12 hours from Makassar to Mamasa. This is West Toraja where we expect less mainstream.

1 day in Mamasa to get supplies

4-5 day trek to Gandang Dewata (3037m) reality check for the hammocks idea

13 Jun - 60 km trek from Mamasa to Bittuang, Google does not show village with this name so I have positioned it roughly

This is East Toraja which means tourists and Internet. I won't be in touch till then.


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4 June 2012, Monday

Air Asia

So I decided to come out of the ziploc. With the very special attention from the beautiful flight attendant of AirAsia and a little "happy gas" I was able to look through the window without the usual "We are all gonna die" expression, and enjoy the clouds. What I have has a name: pteromerhanophobia. The crew said that information would help, and since we already established that my brain is very little I need to educate myself. The captain gave me this link http://www.askcaptainlim.com

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3 June 2012, Sunday

Kuala Lumpur

Not all encounters were amicable - I am missing a piece of my right ear.

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2 June 2012, Saturday

Cairo airport

When I get bored I like playing with cars.

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1 June 2012, Friday

I believe I can fly

Teddy Land: I believe I can fly

Did you know there are pills for flying? Well, I am in Vienna and I don't know German that well, and the man that sold me the pills was kinda shady, so I am not sure if he said the pills are to ease the flying or make me feel like flying.

As for the ziploc - if we end up in Hudson I don't want to get all soggy. It also helps for hyperventilation. I don't want to think what will happen if I have to use a vomit bag.

↗ Vienna (1Jun 15:30) ↘ Cairo (19:00) 3:30h
↗ Cairo (1Jun 23:40) ↘ Kuala Lumpur (2Jun 18:10) 12:30h
↗ Kuala Lumpur (4Jun 14:35) ↘ Ujung Pandang (17:50) 3:15h

↗ Ujung Pandang (1Aug 18:15) ↘ Kuala Lumpur (21:20) 3:05h
↗ Kuala Lumpur (2Aug 22:00) ↘ Cairo (3Aug 5:40) 13:40h
↗ Cairo (3Aug 10:45) ↘ Vienna (14:30) 3:45h

I hope I don't end up sitting next to Mr Bean.

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