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30 September 2018, Sunday
27 September 2018, Thursday

Mountain gear

Teddy Land: Mountain gear

Wondering how to reduce the gear...

Album  Pilgramgasse

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25 September 2018, Tuesday

Happy 7th Birthday Tumbago

Today is Tumbago's 7th and Juri's 50th birthdays. Friday was the last sunny day in Vienna for the season, so a flash mob birthday event spontaneously happened in AKH Vienna courtyard - friends with birthdays around this date celebrating. Pepa made a cake. Evgeni gave Tumbago Cohiba cigarillos.

The birthday girl and boys are Petya (40), Tumbago (7), Emo (43) and Juri (50), Tumbago and Juri being born the closest to the date.

Juri got new socks, shoes and a walker, so he can continue carrying us around the world.

I wanted to bundle this with an adult diaper, but Juri objected that this is adding to the weight of the backpack and besides since India 2017 he had been shitting his pants and the bears are used to it.

Teddy Land: Tumbago passport

Tumbago passport

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24 September 2018, Monday

Behind the mask

Teddy Land: Behind the mask in Buildings with secrets

This is me. No more no less.

Album  Buildings with secrets

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19 September 2018, Wednesday

Fabien Barrau - Bear Creek

Teddy Land: Bear Creek by Fabien Barrau

Before humans arrive and come to destroy nature, legend has it that the bears gathered at the top of the hill to elect their leader who was always a female. ~ Fabien Barrau

Album  Bears in Art

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18 September 2018, Tuesday

What do you call ...

Teddy Land: What do you call a bear with no ears?

Teddy Land: What do you call a bee that comes from America?

From the collection  Bear Cartoons

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13 September 2018, Thursday

Tumbago's Grandpa

Teddy Land: Tumbago's Grandpa

Tumbago found an old photo of his Grandpa.

Teddy Land: Tumbago's Grandpa

Apparently he is from the Gund genus.

Album  Pilgramgasse

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Replenishing the inventory

Teddy Land: Tumbago shopping list

Tumbago's shopping list

Teddy Land: Replenish the inventory

This will do for now, but don't close that tab yet.

Album  Pilgramgasse

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