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23 December 2015, Wednesday

In transit

Teddy-land: AirSerbia

Fasten your seatbelts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride

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21 December 2015, Monday

Belvedere, Vienna

Teddy Land: Belvedere, Honey tites

Honey tits

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20 December 2015, Sunday


Teddy Land: Sacher cake, Vienna, Austria

– Are you going to eat that?

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13 December 2015, Sunday

Hochschwab 2015

or how the bears got their medals "Brave Heart". Not your winter way to Hochschwab. Last 50m will forever be called Ron's Steps. The rest is something like "Koteshnkia chal" in Pirin, Bulgaria - 50 cm wide ridge with drops on both sides. What you see on the photo is the side where Juri said is better to fall if you have the luxury of choosing sides, because "you can see the bottom".

Teddy Land: Hochschwab

Photo gallery

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9 December 2015, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Herminensteig 2015

We made it a habit to go after surgery.

Herminensteig 2015

Herminensteig 2012

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28 November 2015, Saturday
11 November 2015, Wednesday

Säuleck 3086m

Teddy Land: Säuleck

Just came back from Säuleck 3086m. Spent the night at the Winter Raum in Arthu von Schmid Haus, Ankogelgruppe

Photo album

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4 November 2015, Wednesday

I was hibernating

Teddy Land: I was hibernating (by Gary Larson)

For crying out loud, I was hibernating!... Don't you guys ever take a pulse?
by Gary Larson

My fav Bear cartoons

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3 November 2015, Tuesday

Jurassic Ride in Gerngross

Teddy Land: Jurassic Ride in Gerngross

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2 November 2015, Monday

Teddy Land: Coffee in June

Oh, man, I really shouldn't have had that coffee in June.

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30 October 2015, Friday

The Horror

Teddy Land: The bath

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29 October 2015, Thursday

I am going to take a nap now

Teddy Land: I am going to take a nap now

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6 October 2015, Tuesday
8 September 2015, Tuesday

Getting into character

Teddy Land: Napoleon Bonaparte with his hand in the jacket

Teddy Land: Josephine de Beauharnais and Napoleon Bonaparte
Teddy Land: Napoleon Bonaparte and Josephine de Beauharnais

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Corsica 11 Sep - 5 Oct 2015

GR 20 is a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south. It is considered to be the most difficult of all the GR routes and one of the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe. 180 km long with variation in height of about 10 000 meters. Perfect physical condition and confidence in walking over a variety of rugged terrains is necessary.

Map of the GR 20 route

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5 September 2015, Saturday

Please Do Not Eat The Park Visitors

Teddy Land: Please Do Not Eat The Park Visitors

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2 September 2015, Wednesday
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31 August 2015, Monday

Cub on the trail to Zavrachitza hut

Teddy Land: Cub on the trail to Zavrachitza hut

Cub on the trail to Zavrachitza hut in Rila Mountains, Bulgaria 28 August 2015
Photo by Elena Todorova

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30 August 2015, Sunday
22 August 2015, Saturday
15 August 2015, Saturday

We are not alone - the world of Robert Bissell

Teddy Land: Rangers by Robert Bissell
Teddy Land: Guru by Robert Bissell

Teddy Land: Moonlighters by Robert Bissell

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7 August 2015, Friday

Spine treatment, Romania, 1946

Teddy Land: Spine treatment, Romania, 1946

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Baby wallaby with a Teddy Bear

Teddy Land: Baby wallaby with a Teddy Bear

Apparently a teddy makes a good companion for an orphaned wallaby*.
* Wallaby is an Australasian marsupial that is similar to, but smaller than, a kangaroo.

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2 August 2015, Sunday

Malyovitsa, Rila Mountains, Bulgaria

Teddy Land: Malyovitsa, Rila Mountains

Photo album from the trip

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1 August 2015, Saturday


Teddy Land: United

Ladies and Gentlemen this is your captain speaking

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29 July 2015, Wednesday

We have flight to catch...

Teddy Land: In dreams by Geoffrey Gersten

Photos from Las Vegas

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Too much honey, had to fix the sweet tooth

Teddy Land: Dr Touraj Habashi

Teddy Land: Dr Touraj Habashi

This flight will be very pleasant thanks to Dr. Touraj Habashi

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New passport

Teddy Land: New Passport

Got to have a valid passport to fly tomorrow

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28 July 2015, Tuesday

Bear Market

Teddy Land: Bear Market

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27 July 2015, Monday

When Arnie decided his son needed a therapy

Teddy Land: When Arnie decided his son needed therapy

by Wumo

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Jelly Bears on the loose

Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose

Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose
Teddy Land: Jelly Bears on the loose
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Bellagio and Caesars Palace

Teddy Land: Bellagio

Photos from Las Vegas

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25 July 2015, Saturday

It's getting crowded here

Teddy Land: House Detroit

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23 July 2015, Thursday

Luxor, Las Vegas

Teddy Land: Luxor, Las Vegas

Photos from Las Vegas

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20 July 2015, Monday
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14 July 2015, Tuesday

You were saying...

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday drunk

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Happy Birthday from Carole

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday from Carole

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O crap, my passport is expired...

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It's my birthday!

Teddy Little Bear passport

Turning 5!

Happy Birthday Teddy Little Bear!

And I have new shoes!

The Ogre is ogling Tumbago

The Ogre is ogling Tumbago

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11 July 2015, Saturday


Teddy Land: Piñata

Piñata teaches kids from early age that if you hit hard enough you get what you want!

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9 July 2015, Thursday

Photos from Underground

Teddy Land: Dracula

Dracula: What am I supposed to do with him, I don't eat beans*.
*Teddy Little Bear is a beanie bear

Teddy Land: Predator

Teddy Land: Alien

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Man Discovers Pet Dogs Are Actually Bears

Teddy Land: Himalayan Bear

Two years ago, Wang Kayui, of Yunnan, China, adopted two black bears, except he thought they were puppies. His new pets were frequently groomed and well trained. Kayui, clearly an inexperienced pet owner, thought it was odd when the puppies started to hunt chickens and reached more than 100 pounds, but didn’t think much of it. He wanted two guard dogs, and his pups scared off unwanted visitors like he’d never seen before. You would think that the lack of tail-chasing, barking, and leash-walking should have given away the animals’ true identity, but it wasn’t until he received a pamphlet on endangered animals that he realized that his puppies were actually Asian black bears. Kayui was shocked that his well-behaved, slightly large guard dogs were bears. He did the right thing and called the local authorities. The bears were sent to Yunnan Wild Animal Rescue Center, where they currently reside.

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7 July 2015, Tuesday

Tumbago goes religious

Teddy Land: Bees and Panagia
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Christ
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Crucifixion
Teddy Land: Bees and Holy Icons of Saints

In the region of Kapandriti near Athens, a wonderful thing happens. Ten years ago, a devout beekeeper named Isidoros Ţiminis, thought to place in one of his hives an icon of the Crucifixion of the Lord. Soon thereafter, when he opened the hive, he was amazed that the bees showed respect and devotion to the icon, having "embroidered" it in wax, yet leaving uncovered the face and body of the Lord. Since then, every spring, he puts into the hives icons of the Savior, the Virgin Mary and the Saints, and the result is always the same.

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5 July 2015, Sunday

Goldilocks and the Three Bears

Teddy Land: Goldilocks and the Three Bears

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4 July 2015, Saturday

Happy 4th of July

Teddy Land: Happy 4th of July

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Battlefield Vegas

Teddy Land: Battlefield Vegas

4th of July photo album

Special gift - car crushing with an Abrams for $3,500, or with a T-55 for $2,500
You can get you wife in the car for a photo before you proceed with the gift.

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2 July 2015, Thursday

Don't Feed Our Bears

Teddy Land: Don't Feed Our Bears

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John Muir Wilderness

Teddy Land: John Muir Wilderness

Photos from the trip

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24 June 2015, Wednesday

Pilot Teddy Bear

Teddy land: Pilot Teddy Bear

Radio control airplane inflight HDV movie with Pilot teddy bear. Old airplane kit Super Drifter with 3 gyro. Useing HDV video camera SONY camcorder HDR HC3. A photograph is taken in a mirror from the front. YouTube

Teddy Land: Pilor Teddy Bear

Teddy Land: Pilor Teddy Bear

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23 June 2015, Tuesday

Somebody tickets for hokey game?


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22 June 2015, Monday

Duck Creek

Teddy Land: Duck Creek

Coffee on the porch

Photo album from Duck Creek

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15 June 2015, Monday

Bryce Canyon

Teddy Land: Bryce Canyon

Photo album from Bryce Canyon

This might as well been Teddy Little Bear's last photo. He decided that he wants to be a mountain bear. Here is what happened - a very nice lady in blue stopped while I was shooting this photo and asked about the bears. I told her that they travel, what their names are etc. and she went her way. 5 min later TLB took a plunge into the abyss. He likes to fall head first. But this time there was no hope of retrieval. I froze (in 110°F) and thought - that was it. It ends here and now. Even considered for a moment throwing Tumbago after him to keep him company. Then I heard the lady shouting from 50 below "I got him! I got him!" She is the good news bearer. I will forever be thankful to her, and love her. She had a halo on her head. She was staying on a switchback. First she thought that stones are falling, then, that it is a marmot. She picked him up, dusted the dirt from him and recognized the bear from the photo shoot. On the last two photos of the album I am angry with Teddy Little Bear, and so relieved at the same time.

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11 June 2015, Thursday

Manuka Honey

Teddy Land: Manuka Honey

Tumbago needs a magnifying glass for a jar this small...

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We like gambling, dining and fashion

Teddy Land: The Cosmopolitan

Teddy Land: JALEO

Teddy Land: Fashionista

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8 June 2015, Monday

Animal fact

Teddy land: Each bear cub in a litter can have a different father

Each bear cub in a litter can have a different father.

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5 June 2015, Friday
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2 June 2015, Tuesday

How to draw a bear

Teddy Land: How to paint a bear

Too much cocaine

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1 June 2015, Monday

Canyoneering with Ron

Teddy Land: Keyhole Canyon and Bristlecone Pine Trail

Great weekend at Keyhole Canyon and Bristlecome Pine Train with Ron and Julia

Photos from Las Vegas

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Gooood morning

Teddy Bear: Goooood morning

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30 May 2015, Saturday

Viva Las Vegas!

Teddy Land: Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada!

Photos from Las Vegas

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17 May 2015, Sunday


Teddy Land: Rax, Heukuppe, Heid Steig, Preinerwand Kreuz, Jakobskogel, Törlweg

Today is Teddy Yellow Bear's initiation in trekking in Rax.

Photo album from Rax, Heukuppe, Heid Steig, Preinerwand Kreuz, Jakobskogel, Törlweg

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15 May 2015, Friday

Teddy Yellow Bear

Teddy Land: Teddy Yellow Bear

New gang member - found him on the streets of Vienna.

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14 May 2015, Thursday

Don't get eaten, Be happy

Teddy Land: Don't get eaten, Be happy

Bears eat 100% less happy people than sad people

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11 May 2015, Monday

Gesäuse - Hesshütte

Teddy Land: Gesäuse - Hesshütte

Best friends with Juri the visioner, Emo who likes us in general and drives us to the mountains, and now we found our soulmate Evgeni (aka Yeti) who defies the need of wearing shoes (something we don't have) and has something very precious - beehives.

Photo album from Gesäuse - Hesshütte

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4 May 2015, Monday

In Front Of The Fireplace

Teddy Land: In Front Of The Fireplace

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1 May 2015, Friday

Parov Stelar Demon Diaries Tour - April 30 / 2015 / Marxhalle Vienna, AT

Teddy Land: Parov Stelar Demon Dance

Teddy Land: Parov Stelar Demon Dance

My Demon Dance

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27 April 2015, Monday

Vienna Grill

Teddy Land: Vienna grill

Definitely not helping my summer figure.

Teddy Land: Weight Watchers

Weight watchers: What do you mean I am not in shape? I am in a perfect ROUND shape.

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20 April 2015, Monday

Spring is here and bees are buzzing busy

Teddy Land: Spring is here!

Teddy Land: Bee season is open!

Teddy Land: Beehive close-up

Photos from Vienna

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Nasenweg - Leopoldsberg, Vienna, Austria

Nasenweg, our new favorite daily hike. "Nasen" means "noses" and "weg" means "gone" and "away". Suits us perfectly. 1.5 km, 425 m high winding path leading to 12th century castle (Leopold III), unique fauna, flora and view of the Danube.

Teddy Land: Leopoldsberg

Teddy Land: View of the Danube from Leopoldsberg

Photos from Vienna

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8 April 2015, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Warsaw Milicja

These polands know their drinks. Next mornign you hear big bells.

Teddy Land: Canonicity Square, Warsaw

Photos from Warsaw

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3 April 2015, Friday

I Give You The Mascot Of Vienna

Teddy Land: Vienna mascot

Guess who the mascot of Vienna is? Elencho doesn't have 3 weeks in Austria yet and has been merchandised already.

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28 March 2015, Saturday

We are not that different

Teddy Land: Christian Kneidinger and his wife Ranati travel with their Teddy in the backpack
Teddy Land: Lore Lindu, Sulawesi
Teddy Land: Christian Kneidinger mishaps with the TeddyGone with the wind
Teddy Land: Synchro diving at Laguna Llaca, Cordillera Blanca, PeruSynchro diving
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27 March 2015, Friday

Orphaned pony Breeze cuddles in the 4ft Teddy Bear called Button

Teddy Land: Orphaned pony Breeze and his 4tf Teddy Bear called Button

A one-week-old foal sleeps soundly in the lap of its new surrogate mum - a jumbo Teddy Bear.

Teddy Land: Orphaned pony Breeze and his 4tf Teddy Bear called Button

Breeze the bay pony was found abandoned on Dartmoor National Park just a few hours after his birth. Unable to find his mother, the tiny foundling was stumbling hopelessly around the hillside trying to suckle mares. By the time rescuers from a local equine sanctuary had arrived to help, Breeze had collapsed in a state of severe shock and dehydration. YouTube

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25 March 2015, Wednesday

New Habarovsk Airport logo

Teddy Land: Habarosk Airport logo

Teddy Land: Habarosk Airport logo
Teddy Land: Habarosk Airport logo
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23 March 2015, Monday

Honey Bee Bear

Teddy Land: Honey bee bear

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22 March 2015, Sunday
18 March 2015, Wednesday
17 March 2015, Tuesday

Diseases of Captivity

Teddy Land: Restorative Exercises

Life of a stuffed animals is very sedentary and in addition to the excessive screen time called for some restorative exercises. Elencho, the double amputee with bells for feet, was fixed with double adhesive tape to the chin bar. When one of his bells got loose I hurried to make the photo and then at the moment I pressed the shutter the second bell came off and the photo was made with Elencho airborne. Then it downed on me that the prototype for Elencho is Rudolph, the reindeer that lifts Santa sleigh to fly, and that his natural state is to fly. So he is practicing restorative flying.

Teddy Land: Elencho (Little Reindeer)Elencho (Little Reindeer)

Elencho was never introduced properly. His name means Little Reindeer in Bulgarian. He maybe little in size but his is the eldest in the company. I first saw him on Christmas at Déjà vu hair salon where I go to Sylvia for a professional intervention in the mess on my head after every trip. He was hanging on a wall, it was love at first sight. He was part of the Christmas decoration and was taken out of the box at Christmas time and then put back where he lived till next Christmas. Nobody remembered where he came from. After seeing him on the wall for four consecutive years this last Christmas I asked to be given to me as a present and I brought him home to the bears.

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9 March 2015, Monday

Sergeant Fluffy is demonstrating survival techniques

Teddy land: Camouflage.bg

Descending by size: Indje, Kalina, Tumbago, Seargant Fluffy, Teddy Little Bear, Elencho and the Pilot Teddy Bear

Camouflage.bg is a store for toughies

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4 March 2015, Wednesday


Teddy land: Models doused in honey

Where is the casting? We want to be models now.

Stunning Blake Little photographs people covered with honey

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3 March 2015, Tuesday

It's a new personal record

Teddy Land: Eho hut, Balkan Mountains

This is the morning after a 16h hike in Balkan Mountains from Momina poliana hut to Eho hut. Unintentionally I broke my personal record for winter trek. After sunset we walked 5h on headlamps and if it wasn't for somebodies steps we found I don't think it was in our realm of possibilities to find our way to safety in the dark. God works in mysterious ways.

Photos from the trip

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23 February 2015, Monday
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19 February 2015, Thursday

Teddy Land honors Chinese New Year - Timmy with Teddy Bear

Timmy with Teddy Bear

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16 February 2015, Monday

We like yellow cars

Teddy Land: Bugatti

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6 February 2015, Friday

Honey addicts

Teddy Land: Honey Addict

We have a problem

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25 January 2015, Sunday

Polezhan, Pirin, Bulgaria

Teddy Land: Polezhan, Pirin

We were smitten by this weekend brought to us by Alextrek. The Majesty of The Nature, but also the people
we made friends with. Life is exceeding our expectations. Amen.

Photos from Bulgarian Mountains

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18 January 2015, Sunday

Refuge Blue Arrow

Teddy Land: Refuge Blue Arrow with Gioko, Alex, Nevena and Pencho, Vitosha, Bulgaria

How great it is to share a cup of tea with friends in the mountain. We take it with honey, thank you.

Photos from Bulgarian Mountains

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17 January 2015, Saturday

Beautiful day in Rila Mountain

Teddy Land: Beautiful day in Rila Mountain, Mechit

Photos from Bulgarian Mountains

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15 January 2015, Thursday

Winter Musings

Teddy Land: Bear playing the harp

Published at 15:13
1 January 2015, Thursday

Happy Belated Birthday David Goodreau

Teddy Land: Happy Belated Birthday David Goodreau

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