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26 October 2013, Saturday

Bad neighbourhood

Teddy Land: Bad neighbourhood

Published at 17:29
22 October 2013, Tuesday

Dude, where's my car?

Teddy Land: Dude, where's my car?

Published at 16:45

Wiener Staatsoper

Teddy Land: Vienna State Opera backdoor

What goes in the head comes out from the ears - at the Vienna State Opera.

Published at 11:50

A bubbly morning

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday to a special friend

Published at 09:00

The cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Teddy Land: Birthday cake

Published at 08:18

Greeting from the Sweetie Pie

Teddy Land: Happy Birthday from the Sweetie Pie

Published at 08:16

Happy Birthday to a special friend

Teddy Land: Greeting card from Bob "The Bear" Hite of Canned Heat

Published at 21:59
21 October 2013, Monday

Surprise Birthday Cake in the make

Making a surprise birthday cake for a dear friend who is smart, good looking, and funny and reminds me a lot of myself.

Teddy Land: Making cake while she's asleep

Teddy Land: Making cake while she's asleep

Published at 20:46
4 October 2013, Friday

The Bears Are Back In Town

So many times did I want to defect from the tourism to become a true mountain bear but I came back to the city, only to be sent to the dry cleaners.

Published at 14:11
3 October 2013, Thursday

Trans Pyrenees 2013

Teddy Land: Trans Pyrenees 2013 Pic du Midi d'Ossau

Photos from the trip

Day 0 25 Aug Azpegi, Spain
Day 1 26 Aug Refugio de Azpegi, Spain
Day 2 27 Aug Barn, Spain
Day 3 28 Aug Les Chalets d'Iraty, France
Day 4 29 Aug House on the road, Spain
Day 5 30 Aug Refugio de Belagua, Spain
Day 6 31 Aug Lescun, camping, France
Day 7 1 Sep Lescun, camping, France
Day 8 2 Sep Pont de Trungas, France
Day 9 3 Sep Refuge de Pombie, France
Day 10 4 Sep Refuge d'Aarremoulit, France
Day 11 5 Sep Cabane d'Doumblas, France
Day 12 6 Sep Refuge de Wallon, France
Day 13 7 Sep Pierrefitte Nestalas, France
Day 14 8 Sep Gavarnie, France
Day 15 9 Sep Cabane des Aguilous, France
Day 16 10 Sep Near Parzan, Spain
Day 17 11 Sep Puyarueso, Spain
Day 18 12 Sep Camping Exelia, Spain
Day 19 13 Sep Refugio Conangles, Spain
Day 20 14 Sep Restanca, Spain
Day 21 15 Sep Salardu, Spain
Day 22 16 Sep Salardu, Spain
Day 23 17 Sep Refugi Gracia Airoto, Spain
Day 24 18 Sep Sierra de Pilas, Spain
Day 25 19 Sep Pletu Palomera, Spain
Day 26 20 Sep Certascan, Spain
Day 27 21 Sep Bacello, Spain
Day 28 22 Sep Coma Pedrosa, Andorra
Day 29 23 Sep Andorra la Vella, Andorra
Day 30 24 Sep Cabana de l'Eucasser, Andorra
Day 31 25 Sep Refugi del Siscaro, Spain
Day 32 26 Sep Porte, camping, France
Day 33 27 Sep Cabane de Rouzet, France
Day 34 28 Sep Puigcerda, Spain
Day 35 29 Sep Barcelona, Spain


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