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24 June 2015, Wednesday

Pilot Teddy Bear

Teddy land: Pilot Teddy Bear

Radio control airplane inflight HDV movie with Pilot teddy bear. Old airplane kit Super Drifter with 3 gyro. Useing HDV video camera SONY camcorder HDR HC3. A photograph is taken in a mirror from the front. YouTube

Teddy Land: Pilor Teddy Bear

Teddy Land: Pilor Teddy Bear

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23 June 2015, Tuesday

Somebody tickets for hokey game?


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22 June 2015, Monday

Duck Creek

Teddy Land: Duck Creek

Coffee on the porch

Photo album from Duck Creek

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15 June 2015, Monday

Bryce Canyon

Teddy Land: Bryce Canyon

Photo album from Bryce Canyon

This might as well been Teddy Little Bear's last photo. He decided that he wants to be a mountain bear. Here is what happened - a very nice lady in blue stopped while I was shooting this photo and asked about the bears. I told her that they travel, what their names are etc. and she went her way. 5 min later TLB took a plunge into the abyss. He likes to fall head first. But this time there was no hope of retrieval. I froze (in 110°F) and thought - that was it. It ends here and now. Even considered for a moment throwing Tumbago after him to keep him company. Then I heard the lady shouting from 50 below "I got him! I got him!" She is the good news bearer. I will forever be thankful to her, and love her. She had a halo on her head. She was staying on a switchback. First she thought that stones are falling, then, that it is a marmot. She picked him up, dusted the dirt from him and recognized the bear from the photo shoot. On the last two photos of the album I am angry with Teddy Little Bear, and so relieved at the same time.

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11 June 2015, Thursday

Manuka Honey

Teddy Land: Manuka Honey

Tumbago needs a magnifying glass for a jar this small...

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We like gambling, dining and fashion

Teddy Land: The Cosmopolitan

Teddy Land: JALEO

Teddy Land: Fashionista

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8 June 2015, Monday

Animal fact

Teddy land: Each bear cub in a litter can have a different father

Each bear cub in a litter can have a different father.

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5 June 2015, Friday
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2 June 2015, Tuesday

How to draw a bear

Teddy Land: How to paint a bear

Too much cocaine

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1 June 2015, Monday

Canyoneering with Ron

Teddy Land: Keyhole Canyon and Bristlecone Pine Trail

Great weekend at Keyhole Canyon and Bristlecome Pine Train with Ron and Julia

Photos from Las Vegas

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Gooood morning

Teddy Bear: Goooood morning

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