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7 August 2013, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Veronica

Remember how we met with Dzibelia? We found Veronica again, selling toys. She makes me feel brave. Her name means "victory" and she has a victorious life, full of love, compassion and excitement.
We will always care for her, and know that she follows our adventures.

Our visit was a surprise. I will never forget the look she gave me, it's a moment when one is unprepared, and you can see through the bottom of their heart, and what I found was so much warmth and affection, that I am not even sure Veronica is aware of the strength she has inside her. She doesn't have 20 years of age.

BTW - we had a serious business to discuss with Veronica - the DOB of Dzibelia. She will think about it and let me know. Because I don't want to always share my Birthday with him. We want to have two separate cakes to share with each other.

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