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Himalayas (a déjà vu)

28 March 2017, Tuesday

In the 1 year anniversary of our cancelled trip to Sumatra it is all happening again:

  1. We bought tickets for 2 month dream trip starting May 1st.
    2016 - Sumatra / 2017 - Indian Himalayas
  2. Juri is on the verge of exaction and desperation after continuous home renovation. He gets to the point of falling unconscious rather than asleep at night.
    2016 - new kitchen for his father / 2017 - painting and refurbishing one of the apartments
  3. The annual grill party on Danube is on same date every year - 4 days before the departure. Bulgarians gather, barbecue and drink on the bank of Danube river.
  4. Drago is coming to Vienna. He has birthday a couple of days before the grill and brings good alcohol to celebrate. Drago is a very good friend but it just so happens to be always present when Juri breaks a bone. In 2008 Drago started a brawl in Kabata hut in Rhodopes mountains where Juri got 3 ribs fractured trying to break up the fight with the locals.

Last year I packed 4 beers for the grill and Juri asked why am I taking so much alcohol. I said: "What do you mean?" Juri is a designated firestarter. Everybody knows (including him) that he can't lit a campfire in the wilderness for the love of his life, but at the grill the party begins earlier for him, he gets all smoked up, and the beers were finished before the meаt was on the grill. Then he continued with wine, vodka and the whiskey Drago brought. On the question did he need a ride home Juri answered that he is going to get on his "silver horse". He fell of the bike and broke his right collar bone in three pieces the middle one floating, so he had to be operated on. I dare not publish any of his X-rays because the EU is going to knock on my door asking for €10 000 000 or 2% of my turnover, whichever is greater according to the effective 2018 General Data Protection Regulation.

We tried to get the flight ticket reimbursed due to emergency cancellation but Fluege.de had bigger fish to fry. I still think our money was in the suitcase found in the wreckage.

Teddy Land: Sumatra cancelled

Teddy Land: Drago at Vienna grill

Drago at the Vienna grill

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