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3 September 2023, Sunday

My Bear Story

Bear © Luka Esenko

During the expedition to the Dyatlov Pass 2023 I managed to get lost in the woods and meet face to face with a brown Russian bear and her three cubs. The bear had been chased by dogs in the deep forest and while I was dwelling as a real Mansi (the word Mansi means forest dweller), I experienced a close encounter of the third kind with the king of the Taiga. The Bear is considered the most powerful creature of the Ural mountains. A mama bear with cubs is not something you want to run into. I count my blessings.
This is not "my bear" but it is the closest to what I saw that I could find. Anyone that would take a selfie in the situation I was in, deserves to be eaten as a Darwin process of elimination. This bear was shot by Luka Esenko in Slovenia. And this is   My Bear Story →

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