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A flight to remember

29 October 2021, Friday

My "1079" book signing trip ended with Flight 1079.
Pilots Oren Barak and Luis Eraso were quite surprised by the coincidence and very excited to receive signed copies of the book.

Flight 1079

Flight 1079 boarding pass signed

The design I'm wearing on Flight 1079 is purchased for a party with a Russian theme, ie drink Vodka till you drop dead, nothing to do with the book. I didn't mean to immortalize it, it's my only thirst, I don't even have a jacket. When I left to Vegas it was scorching summer. I didn't expect to be in the frame but to ask a flight attendant to give the books to the pilots. They called me to the cockpit and said that I am the star!

Teddy Land: Russian bear tshirt

Album  Bear Cartoons & Memes

My personal record for longest flight - 42 hours, including but not limited to 16h Doha-LA and 14h layover in Doha.
Las Vegas- Los Angeles - Doha - Bucharest - Sofia
The contortion was needed due to the ban to touch down in Schengen at the time when the ticket was purchased. The ban is now lifted.

Hamad International Airport

Hamad International Airport, Doha, Qatar

The mother of all bears

The mother of all bears

Bears go to work

Bears go to work early in the morning

Album  Flight 1079

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