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A black bear was spotted taking in the view at this luxury New Hampshire hotel

11 July 2019, Thursday

Teddy Land: Black bear in New Hampshire hotel

Teddy Land: Black bear in New Hampshire hotel

A photo snapped June 29 by an employee at the Omni Mount Washington Resort shows a black bear holding onto a rail on the veranda and looking out. The photo was taken around 5 a.m. and the employee, Sam Geesaman, said he had only wanted to get a photo of the sunrise. Instead, he caught the bear as it climbed stairs in search of a trash can. The bear moved on after Gessaman loudly clapped and stomped. New Hampshire routinely has reports of bears finding their way into homes, campgrounds and even apartment complexes.

Last year, food shortages were blamed for a sharp increase in bear-human conflicts and the highest numbers of bear killings since 2014.

Source: Boston News

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