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Nanda Devi

18 May 2017, Thursday

Teddy Land: Nanda Devi

Nanda Devi 7,816 m (25,643 ft) is my personal record for a highest mountain I've SEEN. It's the one on the right that always looks smaller than Nanda Devi East 7,434 m because it is always further behind and more secretive this way. Nanda Devi is not permitted to climb, permits are given only for Nanda Devi East but the goddess of the mountain is very proud and unforgiving, and there is a legend that men that go there end up in freak accidents without graves. If you have seen Polish Himalayas the members of the Polish expedition in 1939 to Nanda Devi East all perish two in mountaineering accidents years after and the third member disappeared during the war all three bodies not recovered. When we were the closest to the mountain she always shrouded herself in clouds and in the middle of the night at a sky full with stars Nanda Devi gave us the most incredible lightening show I have ever seen. It looks like we angered her.

First trek from a 2 month adventure in  India

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