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4 April 2016, Monday

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Teddy Land: Cartoon by Leigh Rubin

"Oh, man, this is priceless. ... It says, 'While any encounter with a bear can be frightening, it's important to remember that the bear is probably just as frightened of you.'
Man, who makes this stuff up?!"

Cartoon by Leigh Rubin

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Published at 16:33
The joker 29-03-2016 16:39 (GMT)
Did they read the part where we play dead to trick them?
Standox 29-03-2016 16:38 (GMT)
A grizzly will not eat you til he thinks your dead, a black bear will eat you alive, he has no problem with it
prepperguyalex 29-03-2016 16:37 (GMT)
Reminds me of a Jim Gaffigan bit about lying down and playing dead - he says "Who writes this stuff? The BEARS?"
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