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17 March 2015, Tuesday

Diseases of Captivity

Teddy Land: Restorative Exercises

Life of a stuffed animals is very sedentary and in addition to the excessive screen time called for some restorative exercises. Elencho, the double amputee with bells for feet, was fixed with double adhesive tape to the chin bar. When one of his bells got loose I hurried to make the photo and then at the moment I pressed the shutter the second bell came off and the photo was made with Elencho airborne. Then it downed on me that the prototype for Elencho is Rudolph, the reindeer that lifts Santa sleigh to fly, and that his natural state is to fly. So he is practicing restorative flying.

Teddy Land: Elencho (Little Reindeer)Elencho (Little Reindeer)

Elencho was never introduced properly. His name means Little Reindeer in Bulgarian. He maybe little in size but his is the eldest in the company. I first saw him on Christmas at Déjà vu hair salon where I go to Sylvia for a professional intervention in the mess on my head after every trip. He was hanging on a wall, it was love at first sight. He was part of the Christmas decoration and was taken out of the box at Christmas time and then put back where he lived till next Christmas. Nobody remembered where he came from. After seeing him on the wall for four consecutive years this last Christmas I asked to be given to me as a present and I brought him home to the bears.

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