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8 September 2015, Tuesday

Corsica 11 Sep - 5 Oct 2015

GR 20 is a long distance trail that traverses Corsica diagonally from north to south. It is considered to be the most difficult of all the GR routes and one of the most beautiful mountain trail in Europe. 180 km long with variation in height of about 10 000 meters. Perfect physical condition and confidence in walking over a variety of rugged terrains is necessary.

Map of the GR 20 route

  1. Calenzana
  2. Refuge d'Ortu di u Piobbu
  3. Refuge de Carrozzu
  4. Refuge d'Asco Stagnu
  5. Refuge de Tighjettu
  6. Bergeries de Ballone
  7. Refuge de Ciottulu di i Mori
  8. Castellu di Verghio
  9. Refuge de Manganu
  10. Refuge de Pietra Piana
  11. Refuge de l'Onda
  12. Vizzavona
  13. Bergeries de Capannelle
  14. Col de Verde
  15. Refuge de Prati
  16. Refuge d'Usciolu
  17. Refuge d'Asinao
  18. Col de Bavella
  19. Refuge de Paliri
  20. Conca
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