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9 August 2018, Thursday

Dreistecken 2382 m

Teddy Land: Dreistecken

Almost Gone with the Wind
Tumbago (aka Dzibelia) is thinking "Should I stay or should I go..."

Album  Rottenmann

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7 August 2018, Tuesday

The Teddy Bears roam the Alps

Teddy Land: Zinkenkogel

We heard that there are no bears in the Alps and we thought that's a shame, so we moved in to roam the Alps.

Album  Rottenmann

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1 August 2018, Wednesday

Insect hotel

Teddy land: Insect hotel

From our collection  Buildings with Secrets

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Burg Strechau

Teddy Land: Burg Strechau

I will slide to catch some shadow here...
Burg Strechau

Album  Rottenmann

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