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28 June 2020, Sunday

Paris cafe

Teddy Land: Paris cafe

A lot of outings for the Teddy Bears during the Covid-19 pandemic quarantine

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19 June 2020, Friday

Pole dancing

Finally understood who was modeling for this gig.

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17 June 2020, Wednesday


Teddy Land: Honey

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11 June 2020, Thursday

Tumbago in camouflage

Teddy Land: Teddy Bear Topiary

Teddy Bear Topiary
Photo by Lauren Lopez, Chicago Botanic Garden

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1 June 2020, Monday

Teddy Bears on a roller coaster

Let's the fun begin! UNTAMED is filled with 22 huge bears. They have the ride of their life! ~ Walibi Holland
From "Life of Teddy Bears during quarantine"...

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